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Announcement: Otter Live Stream is Transitioning to New Format

From Discord:

Like all good things, our 24/7 moderated live stream coverage of Joey and his friends is coming to an end.

Since July, our volunteer team of live stream moderators have operated cameras and kept the chat civil around the clock, seven days a week, incl. weekends and holidays.

As you can imagine, that’s not something we are able to keep up indefinitely as it is taking its toll on our amazing team of volunteers from around the world — and our wallets, given that the live stream is paid for by those same volunteers.

On December 31st, we will be ending the format you’ve been watching on YouTube and Twitch for the last few months and close our YouTube chat room, as the live stream transitions to a webcam-like experience of static views of the otter habitats.

(To clarify for those reading too fast to catch it: There will still be a live stream. It’ll just look different as there won’t be moderators around the clock to move cameras, zoom in on every detail etc. We’ll be watching from a wide angle, and moderators will still from time to time switch views to show different pools.)

Thank you for being part of the journey for the last few months. And we hope to see many of you around still in 2021.


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