MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Chat Commands

The following commands are available to chat moderators:

Command Explanation
!adopt Show information about symbolic adoptions
!aliens They exist. They’ve been here for a long time. And they abduct otters.
!alone Explanation why Joey is on his own (without other otters)
!audio Why does this stream not have audio?
!bekind Reminder to not be a ****
!breeding No, we don’t have a breeding program, nor does the Vancouver Aquarium…
!camera Explains that the camera is bolted to the ceiling and shows different parts of the habitat.
!caps [username] ─ e.g. !caps somebody Asks [username] to refrain from using ALL CAPS.
!care Explains that Joey is under 24/7 care.
!crib Why is he not in the water?
!cuddles Why don’t you cuddle/hug/kiss him?
!english Ask chat participants to speak English only to avoid excluding those who don’t speak their language.
!fan What are the fans for?
!faq Points people to a page with FAQs around Joey
!fav Does Joey have a favourite person?
!food What does he eat?
!forever Will he stay at the Aquarium?
!grooming Why do staff groom Joey’s fur?
!joey Summary of Joey’s rescue story
!kelp What’s the foam strip?
!lifespan What’s the average lifespan of a (northern) sea otter?
!lights Aren’t the lights too bright? Do you dim them?
!location Where is MMR and where is Joey?
!mods Explains how we pick moderators and that we don’t grant mod status upon request.
!ontopic Remind people to stay on-topic (to be used if people totally wander off-topic)
!orphan Explains that joey was found alone; his mother deceased the next day, and that we don’t know what happened.
!ottergone Tells people why they might not be able to see the otter right now (camera broken).
!name How did Joey get his name?
!patients Tell people where they can find our patient list.
!patient [patient name | patient ID] e.g. !patient Creamsicle or !patient EL2001 ─ Retrieve information about an MMR patient and link to the patient profile.
!plushies Explains why we don’t give Joey plushies.
!release Why was Joey not released into the wild?
!rules Tell people the link to the rules page.
!setweight [weight in kg, decimal value] e.g. !setweight 5.1
The command automatically converts a decimal value from kg into lbs and outputs a date and timestamp.
!size Gives people average length for males and females (adults).
!sleep How long do otters sleep again? This command lets people know.
!species Explain what sea otters are.
!surrogate Explains that there’s only one place with long-term success with sea otter surrogate mothers.
!teeth Explains that Joey is teething and how powerful his adult jaw will be.
!temp Room temperature, and means to keep Joey cool.
!time Tells people the current local time and the date.
!toilet How does Joey do his “business”?
!toys Explain what toys Joey gets to play with.
!updates Tell people the link to Joey’s patient profile for updates on his story.
!vet Explains that most staff at MMR are experienced vet techs.
!water Where does the water come from? Is it saltwater or freshwater? How often do you replace it?
!weight Gives current weight & info about adult weight.
!wiggle Explains why Joey “wiggles” while being groomed…