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Chat Sanctions Appeal

Participation in our live chat communities on YouTube, Twitch and Discord is a privilege that thousands of users enjoy every day. However, in order to make the experience a pleasant one, given that large number of participants, our moderators and chat bots strictly enforce the chat guidelines. If a moderator deems a participant’s behaviour disruptive, their messages are removed; and as a final action, an account may be permanently barred from accessing the chat.

If you have been permanently barred from accessing any of our chat rooms, you can submit an application to appeal the moderators’ decision and have it overturned and your account reinstated.

Which service have you been removed from?

Enter your username. If you are using multiple usernames, you must disclose all of them.

We require your YouTube Channel URL in order to locate your account on YouTube. Your username will not suffice.

Why do you believe the moderators' decision to remove you from the chat should be reversed? Please be advised: Moderators exercise their discretion in deciding whether or not a user's behaviour violates the chat guidelines. They only remove users for behaviour that they deem disruptive, and always for a reason. Your appeal will be received by the same moderators that originally barred you from the chat, and is only likely to be successful if you provide a good reason.