MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Habitat: Harbour Pool (6)

Patients that have already demonstrated that they can eat fish on their own are placed in a pool where they can learn how to compete with other animals.

#NameSpeciesAdmittedCollection SiteReason for Admission
PV1987 Paris KrilltonHarbour Seal2019/08/08Vanier ParkMarine mammal disturbance 2 in care
PV1984 Hake LivelyHarbour Seal2019/08/05Campbell RiverMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 in care
PV1975 Scott McGillivrayHarbour Seal2019/08/02Port MoodyMaternal separation 1 1 in care
PV1966 KoalaHarbour Seal2019/07/30Mayne IslandMaternal separation 3 in care
PV1963 Tom CruiseshipHarbour Seal2019/07/29White RockMaternal separation 1 in care
PV1918 Fin DieselHarbour Seal2019/07/03Hardy IslandMaternal separation; Lethargic 8 1 in care