MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Habitat: In Quarantine (22)

Every seal that arrives at the rescue centre is placed in a tub under quarantine. This is the first temporary home for each new arrival, where they will remain until they are fit enough to be moved to a larger tub.

Photo ID Name Species Sex Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission Updates Status
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PV1937 Ryan Seal-Crest Harbour Seal male 2019/07/18 Port Moody Maternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated in care
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PV1936 Tina Turtle Harbour Seal female 2019/07/17 Sechelt Maternal separation in care
PV1935 Reef Witherspoon Harbour Seal female 2019/07/17 Boundary Bay Maternal separation; Underweight in care
PV1934 Dugong Harbour Seal male 2019/07/17 Chemainus Maternal separation in care
PV1933 Impala Harbour Seal female 2019/07/16 Genoa Bay Maternal separation in care
PV1932 Cheetah Harbour Seal male 2019/07/16 North Saanich Maternal separation in care
PV1931 Sean Cannery Harbour Seal male 2019/07/16 Holland Park Maternal separation in care
PV2030 Betty Whitefish Harbour Seal female 2019/07/16 Crescent Beach Maternal separation; Eye injury in care
PV1929 Bill Fry the Science Guy Harbour Seal male 2019/07/15 Crofton Maternal separation; Emaciated in care
PV1928 Sloth Harbour Seal female 2019/07/15 Wise Island Maternal separation; Emaciated in care
PV1927 Steven Sealberg Harbour Seal male 2019/07/14 Harrison Lake Emaciated; Maternal separation in care
PV1926 Scarlett Joplankton Harbour Seal female 2019/07/13 Cowichan Bay Maternal separation in care
PV1925 Walrus Harbour Seal male 2019/07/12 Ogden Point, Victoria Maternal separation in care
PV1924 Mark Whaleberg Harbour Seal male 2019/07/11 Oak Bay Emaciated; Maternal separation 1 critical
PV1923 Sharkira Harbour Seal female 2019/07/10 Skyline Marina, Richmond Maternal separation 1 in care
PV1922 Scuba Gooding Jr. Harbour Seal male 2019/07/10 Tsawwassen Maternal separation; Emaciated in care
PV1920 Hippopotamus Harbour Seal female 2019/07/06 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation; Lethargic in care
PV1919 Pike Tyson Harbour Seal male 2019/07/03 Glendale Cove Maternal separation; Lethargic in care
PV1918 Fin Diesel Harbour Seal male 2019/07/03 Hardy Island Maternal separation; Lethargic in care
PV1917 Oprah Finfrey Harbour Seal female 2019/07/02 Port Moody Emaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation in care
PV1915 Swim Shady Harbour Seal male 2019/06/28 Savary Island Maternal separation 1 in care
PV1911 Kylie Minnow Harbour Seal female 2019/06/24 Oak Bay, Victoria Maternal separation; Eye injury. 2 in care