VAMMR Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Habitat: In Quarantine (15)

Every seal that arrives at the rescue centre is placed in a tub under quarantine. This is the first temporary home for each new arrival, where they remain for at least 14 days before they are moved to a larger tub.

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2416 Valdes Harbour Seal 2024/07/12 Chemainus Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated in care
PV2415 Lasqueti Harbour Seal 2024/07/11 Galiano Island Underweight, Dehydrated, Wounds in care
PV2414 Nootka Harbour Seal 2024/07/11 Piers Island Dehydrated, Maternal Separation, Underweight in care
PV2413 Jamie Harbour Seal 2024/07/09 Tsawwassen Underweight, Maternal Separation 1 in care
PV2412 Coconut Harbour Seal 2024/07/08 Strathcona Lookout Park (North Van) Maternal Separation 1 in care
PV2411 Penelakut Harbour Seal 2024/07/07 Chad Island Maternal Separation in care
PV2410 Fwances Harbour Seal 2024/07/07 Strathcona Lookout Park (North Van) Maternal Separation, Emaciated in care
PV2409 Alfie Harbour Seal 2024/07/07 Royal Van Yacht Club (Jericho Beach) Maternal Separation, Emaciated 4 in care
PV2408 Taku Harbour Seal 2024/07/06 Whiterock Pier Marine Mammal Disturbance, Maternal Separation, Emaciated 1 in care
PV2407 Jughead Harbour Seal 2024/07/05 Jug Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated in care
PV2406 Haida Gwaii Harbour Seal 2024/07/05 Salt Spring Island Emaciated, Lethargic, Dehydrated in care
PV2405 Salty C Harbour Seal 2024/07/04 Gonzales Beach Marine mammal disturbance; Emaciated in care
PV2402 Gustav Harbour Seal 2024/05/28 Mosquito Creek Marina Maternal separation, Placenta attached. 1 4 in care
PV2401 Nelson Harbour Seal 2024/05/27 White Rock, BC Maternal separation, Underweight and Dehydrated 1 4 deceased
CC2401 Moira Loggerhead Sea Turtle 2024/02/04 Pedder Bay, BC Cold-shocked and Hypothermic 2 3 in care