MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Habitat: Orca Pool (8)

This is a pool designed to accommodate cetaceans, e. g. harbour porpoise. It is also used as the largest pre-release pool, holding 160,000 litres of water. When used for harbour seal pups, those who have made it this far will soon be released. They have already demonstrated that they can eat fish on their own and compete with others. They are probably already tagged as well. Now they only need to gain a little bit of weight.

#NameSpeciesAdmittedCollection SiteReason for Admission
PV19104 Krill I AmHarbour Seal2019/08/31Mosquito Creek Marina, North VancouverMaternal separation; Underweight 1 in care
PV19101 Ja-Cod TremblayHarbour Seal2019/08/26Beach Grove, TsawwassenUnderweight; Wounds; Maternal separation 3 1 in care
PV1990 Marlin GayeHarbour Seal2019/08/09Stanley ParkMaternal separation 1 1 in care
PV1989 Emily CarpHarbour Seal2019/08/09North Shore ShipyardsMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 1 in care
PV1971 David HassealhoffHarbour Seal2019/07/31Anvil IslandMaternal separation 4 1 in care
PV1961 Pygmy TarsierHarbour Seal2019/07/29Moresby IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 8 in care
PV1960 MegalodonnaHarbour Seal2019/07/29Jericho beach, VancouverMaternal separation; Lethargic 3 in care
PV1956 Polar BearHarbour Seal2019/07/26Saturna IslandEmaciated; Lethargic 3 in care