MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory


Patient Record

Species: Steller Sea Lion

Patient ID: EJ1801

Admitted on: 2018/10/12

Collection Site: Ucluelet

Reason for Admission: Lethargic, emaciated

Weight at Admission: 300 kg

Patient Status: deceased

Date of Death: 2018/10/25

Time in Care: 13 days

Transfer History

Received from: N/A

Mode of Transport: N/A


Ukee was reported hauled out on a beach in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island. He appeared lethargic and allowed people to approach him, prompting Fisheries and Oceans Canada to alert the rescue centre, which responded on October 11. He was rescued and transported to Vancouver, where he arrived on October 12.

Patient Updates

Ukee died on 2018/10/25 after 13 days in our care.

"Sadly, we have to share the news of Ukee's passing today. After almost two weeks of critical care, our veterinary team decided to humanely euthanize the animal when it became clear that he could not be restored to full health despite the rescue centre team's best efforts. “He wasn’t responding to treatment, and his condition had taken a significant downturn in the last two days,” said Dr. Martin Haulena, head veterinarian at the Vancouver Aquarium. “At this point we had to evaluate his quality of life. Although we are disappointed we couldn’t return him to full health, we are glad we could end his suffering and make his final days more comfortable. I am so proud of the team for the incredible care they gave him.”"

Staff were able to successfully tube-feed Ukee over the last couple of days. He is still receiving supportive care with fluids and medication. There hasn't been able visible improvement of his condition.

Staff are syringe-feeding Ukee very small amounts of a dilute fish slurry. He is also still receiving fluids and medication. Heat lamps keep him comfortable at night. There have been no changes in his condition.

Ukee is still not showing any interest in eating fish; though he is mildly responsive to staff. Exams conducted earlier this week revealed some of the extent of his injuries. A priority remains to determine where all the bullet fragments are. Radiographs have been sent to a specialist for further review.

Ukee seemed to have a better day today. He was fairly active on his haul-out, responsive to staff and even went into the pool several times on his own today. More medical exams are planned for Wednesday.

Staff is still attempting to stabilize Ukee. Supportive care includes fluids, antibiotics and pain management. Ukee is not showing any interest in eating. He has been moving around his haulout a bit and will put his flippers in the water, but has not swum today.

Ukee is spending his first night at the rescue centre. Veterinary staff have given him fluids, antibiotics and medication to ease any pain. The goal is to stabilize him over the weekend to make further examination possible.

Following his arrival at the rescue centre, an ultrasound and x-rays were done before Ukee was moved to a habitat with a small pool, his temporary home for now. X-rays revealed at least one bullet or pellet in his skull.

Guestbook for Ukee

  1. Precious Ukee, I’m so grateful you were rescued and are in a wonderful place getting all the excellent care you need. Sending you loads of positive vibes and loving thoughts for your fullest possible recovery!

  2. I am terribly grateful to those who found him and those who are taking care of him. Just “Thank You” again and again….

  3. Ukee is in good hands at MMR. I’m sure Lindsaye, Emily and all the Vet Techs are looking out for this big guy. It’s such a shame that he has to come in in such horrible shape due to some idiot with a gun.

    By the way, Happy National Vet Tech month to everyone at MMR 🙂

  4. I just made a donation for Ukee! Thank you for caring for him from the bottom of my heart! Wishing you all the best.

  5. I am terribly saddened to hear of precious Ukee’s passing. Ukee himself, and the story of his rescue and rehabilitation efforts, touched my heart immensely in a very deep way. It is extremely devastating to learn that he has died, after being so severely and deliberately injured by evil human hands. But I am really grateful that he received such wonderful treatment at your facility, and that he left this world surrounded by people who truly cared about him. Rest in peace, dear Ukee — no more pain for you! I pray that you are swimming joyfully, healthy and whole again, in a beautiful place forever.

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