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Sea Lionel Richie

Patient Record

Species: Steller Sea Lion

Patient ID: EJ2201

Admitted on: 2022/02/05

Collection Site: Island View Beach, Saanichton (Vancouver Island)

Reason for Admission: Emaciated; hypothermic; dehydrated; lethargic

Weight at Admission: 43.3 kg

Patient Status: deceased

Date of Death: 2022/02/10

Time in Care: 5 days

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: BC Ferries, MMR Ambulance


This Steller sea lion, now named "Sea Lionel Richie", was rescued on Saturday from Island View Beach in Saanichton, Vancouver Island. The young male was first spotted by a member of the public on Friday. They became concerned when the animal let their dog approach it on the beach without reacting. The animal appeared to be very skinny and lethargic but seemed otherwise uninjured. After the animal was observed for another day, Fisheries and Oceans Canada authorized a rescue attempt, and the rescue centre team responded quickly. The animal was admitted at the rescue centre in Vancouver late on Saturday night, emaciated and weighing just over 43 kg (~95 lbs). He received fluids, and after a brief first examination was allowed to rest and spend the night under heat lamps. Staff will be using the next few days to stabilize the animal and perform further diagnostics. We would like to thank our local first responder, Veterinary Technologist Kit Thornton (former MMR staff member and trained responder) and her team for safely collecting the animal and transporting it to Swartz Bay Terminal. We also want to thank our partners at Fisheries and Oceans Canada for their support and BC Ferries for their assistance in getting the animal on and off the ferry as quickly as possible.

Patient Updates

Sea Lionel Richie died on 2022/02/10 after 5 days in our care.

"Sadly, Lionel did not make it. He was found deceased in the morning. A necropsy has been conducted; results are pending."

After examination, the animal appears to around 2 years old. He is a little more responsive now, no longer as cold and has even shown a little bit of interest in his surroundings. Staff continue to work to stabilize the animal and will perform further diagnostics as his condition improves. For now, staff are doing their best to keep "Lionel" warm, comfortable and well hydrated.

Sea Lionel Richie was admitted late on Saturday night. Staff is working to stabilize him at the moment.

Guestbook for Sea Lionel Richie

  1. Hello Sea Lionel Richie! You look so sweet and cute ♥ I hope you feel better soon with all the fishies, fluids, and good rest!

    Also, I love your name! You already have my endless love 😀 ♥

  2. I hope he makes it. My heart is breaking seeing him so lethargic and sad. Keep fighting Sealionel Ritchie!

  3. Thank you to the team of responders for aiding in this rescue!! Sea Lionel Richie will be getting stellar care!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Poor baby! Maybe he ate something he shouldn’t have, like rope or plastic. Thank you for helping him!

  5. Glad you’re feeling a little better, Sea Lionel Richie!!! Cheering and praying for you every day ❤️

  6. Thank goodness he was rescued so he can be in the best care at the MMRC. They will do everything they can to help him. Sending you love, heathy, healing & positive thoughts Mr. Sea Lionel Richie. Be strong and hope you feel much better very soon.

  7. Sending get well wishes. Thanks to all involved in his rescue and for helping him to be comfortable. Hope that he fully recovers ❤️.

  8. Feel better soon Sea Lionel Richie! Hope you start feeling more like eating some big fat fishies quickly!

  9. I’m happy he’s perked up! I was worried. I hope he keeps improving. Thank you for taking him in!

  10. May your soul rest in peace sweet Sea Lionel Richie ❤️

    Thank you to everyone at MMR and those who rescued him❤️

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