MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Mode of Transport: MMR Ambulance (30)

Transported on Marine Mammal Rescue Centre ambulance van

#NameSpeciesAdmittedCollection SiteReason for Admission
PV2026 KitchiHarbour Seal2020/07/15 Kitsilano BeachMaternal separation; Marine mammal disturbance in care
PV2024 ErnieHarbour Seal2020/07/13 Boundary BayMaternal separation in care
PV2010 PeachieHarbour Seal2020/06/28 Richmond MarinaMaternal separation 1 2 in care
PV2008 DexterHarbour Seal2020/06/26 Fraser River, BurnabyMaternal separation 1 5 in care
PV2004 BourneHarbour Seal2020/06/16 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)Maternal separation 2 11 deceased
PV2001 DrummstickHarbour Seal2020/06/11 Fraser RiverMaternal separation 1 3 deceased
ZC1901 Archie California Sea Lion2019/11/26 Powell RiverPuncture wound; Dehydrated; Underweight 5 5 released
LO1901 BerniOlive Ridley Sea Turtle2019/10/01 Port AlberniCold-stunned 4 13 in care
PV19111 Tom SealleckHarbour Seal2019/09/24 Wreck BeachUnderweight released
PV19110 Martha RayeHarbour Seal2019/09/19 NanaimoLethargic; Underweight; Dehydrated 1 deceased
PV19100 The Cod FatherHarbour Seal2019/08/21 Stanley ParkMaternal separation; Wounds 5 2 released
PV1998 Uma SturgeonHarbour Seal2019/08/19 Burrard Yacht ClubEye injury; Underweight 3 deceased
PV1997 Bradley Grouper Harbour Seal2019/08/19 Stanley ParkMarine mammal disturbance; Underweight; Dehydrated 3 1 released
PV1990 Marlin GayeHarbour Seal2019/08/09 Stanley ParkMaternal separation 1 1 released
PV1982 Lou-seal BallHarbour Seal2019/08/04 Stanley Park/Lions Gate Bridge, VancouverMaternal separation; Emaciated 1 released
PV1979 Gillbert BrownHarbour Seal2019/08/03 Fraser RiverMarine mammal disturbance 2 released
PV1978 Frank OceanHarbour Seal2019/08/03 Fraser RiverMarine mammal disturbance 3 released
PV1975 Scott McGillivrayHarbour Seal2019/08/02 Port MoodyMaternal separation 1 1 released
PV1973 Portia de RosseaHarbour Seal2019/08/01 Flase CreekMaternal separation 2 released
PV1971 David HassealhoffHarbour Seal2019/07/31 Anvil IslandMaternal separation 4 1 released
PV1960 MegalodonnaHarbour Seal2019/07/29 Jericho beach, VancouverMaternal separation; Lethargic 3 released
PV1950 Taylor DriftHarbour Seal2019/07/24 Spanish BanksMarine mammal disturbance; Underweight 3 1 released
PV1946 BeyonsealHarbour Seal2019/07/22 SouthlandsMaternal separation 2 released
PV1937 Ryan Seal-CrestHarbour Seal2019/07/18 Port MoodyMaternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated 1 deceased
PV1927 Steven SealbergHarbour Seal2019/07/14 Harrison LakeEmaciated; Maternal separation 4 5 released
PV1923 SharkiraHarbour Seal2019/07/10 Skyline Marina, RichmondMaternal separation 7 3 released
PV1917 Oprah FinfreyHarbour Seal2019/07/02 Port MoodyEmaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 4 released
PV1916 Goldie PrawnHarbour Seal2019/06/29 Port CoquitlamMaternal separation; Wounds 1 deceased
PV1906 Leonardo DiPuprio (Leo)Harbour Seal2019/06/11 BelcarraMaternal separation 5 released
PV1902 Jessica Seal (Jess)Harbour Seal2019/02/18 Point Grey Park at Trafalgar Street (Kitsilano), VancouverEye injuries; underweight 9 4 transferred