VAMMR Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory


Patient Record

Species: Steller Sea Lion

Patient ID: EJ2102

Admitted on: 2021/03/08

Collection Site: Pacific Rim National Park

Reason for Admission: Seizures

Weight at Admission: 275 kg

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 169 days (5 months, 2 weeks, 2 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: MMR Ambulance, BC Ferries


Release Date: 2021/08/24

Release Site: Toquart Bay (Barkley Sound)

Patient Updates

Sandy was released after 169 days in our care.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

As much as we know we'll miss her, it's almost time for Sandy to leave the rescue centre for her natural home. She's gone through a long process of rehabilitation, has regained a lot of lost weight and is looking amazing! Sandy has already been fitted with a satellite tag that she's getting used to. It will only last a few months and then eventually fall off when she moults.

Sandy has made huge improvements since she was first admitted. She eats 10kg of fish each day and is no longer on any medications. Her wounds are still healing but staff is happy with the progress. Sandy enjoys spending her days lounging in the sun or bouncing back and forth between her pools. She is on the right track for release and is still a staff favourite!

Sandy continues to make progress. She's more aware of her environment, responds to staff and swims and gets out of her pool on her own. Sandy is now eating 10 kg of fish, as staff keep slowly increasing the amount. She still suffers from neurological symptoms, but staff are encouraged by her progress so far.

After she only began eating fish yesterday, Sandy had 1 kg of fish today. She's still got a long way ahead of her, but this is a big step for Sandy.

Sandy is a little more responsive to rescue centre staff around her, but still in critical condition. She is not eating yet.

Sandy is swimming in her pool today, looking much more alive.

Sandy is responding a little more to rescue centre staff in close proximity. She is still in critical condition, and staff are working hard to stabilize her.

Guestbook for Sandy

  1. Poor Sandy, so sorry to hear about your current condition. Sending love and hoping you get better soon!

  2. Beautiful Sandy, I send you lots of love. I hope you are feeling better soon, you are in the hands of very kindhearted people.

  3. Oh, how miserable. I hope the seizures stop right away and you can rest and heal.

  4. Sending you love and strength to you Sandy, and your carers. They are rock stars. <3

  5. Sandy, I’ve just read that you’ve been swimming in your pool a bit. Stay strong sweet girl and keep fighting. Your carers and vets are incredible people and will do their very best for you. Sending you much love xx

  6. Bless you sweet Sandy. You are in the best place for to find healing & peace. Be strong and I hope you have a good night my friend. Sending you love from Texas and people all over the world are pulling for you.

  7. Dear Sandy
    Praying you heal and comfort soon lil sweetie. Also that you eat soon. You are in wonderful hands. We love you Sandy😊♥️

  8. Yeah, Sandy we are rooting for you. Keep swimming and eating. xoxox

  9. Dearest Sandy ~ We love you and are praying with all our hearts for your healing and recovery! Best wishes to you and all who are caring for you!

  10. Dear Sandy,
    So glad you are looking so much better. Keep up your strength. Love and best wishes are sent your way for continued progress and recovery.
    You are such a lovely girl, Sandy. A lot of people are rooting for you!!

  11. Hi, Sandy. I hope that you’re eating well and swimming strongly and that your neurological symptoms are subsiding. Get well soon!

  12. Dear Sandy,
    Thinking of you during this tough time from Japan. I’m sure you’ll be feeling better soon.

  13. Sandy, I’m delighted to see that you’re off the critical list and now simply “in care”, that’s a very big step in your healing journey. Big thank you to all the incredible vets, vet techs, carers and volunteers who are taking care of this beautiful little girl.

  14. Lovely, Sandy, so glad you are making progress. You are in a lot of people’s thoughts and prayers that you will have a full recovery.

  15. You are such a beautiful sea lion Sandy!! And it is great to hear you’re eating more fish. I hope you make more progress towards recovery and live a good life! ❤️

  16. Hi Sandy- I came to check on you and heard you are doing well. It makes me so happy that you are getting better! I am proud of you for being brave and staying strong. Way to go precious sea lion. I pray and your body is healthy for you to live your best life. Be happy Sandy and know you are loved.

  17. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing much better! What a brave girl you are 🥰

  18. Dear Sandy, I’m so proud of your progress ! You’ve been so brave and so strong. Wishing you all the best back in the ocean, and may you swim happily with your fellow aquatic friends! ♥ Thank you, also, to MMR for the amazing work 🙂

  19. Hi Sandy- I read you are doing so well you are about to head back to your favorite place – the ocean. Sending you extra special prayers for this next part of your journey. I hope it is a great one and I wish you the very best. Enjoy living your best life, you deserve it!!

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