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Patient Record

Species: Sea Otter

Patient ID: EL2101

Admitted on: 2021/03/07

Collection Site: Port Hardy

Reason for Admission: Maternal separation

Weight at Admission: 5.5 kg

Patient Status: transferred

Time in Care: 74 days (2 months, 1 week, 6 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Pacific Coastal Airlines

Transfer to: Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC

Date of Transfer: 2021/05/20

Reason for Transfer: Deemed non-releasable by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Patient Updates

Quatse was transferred to Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC after 74 days in our care.

"Fisheries and Oceans Canada has deemed Quatse non-releasable and she will remain in human care. Due to her young age at stranding, and her inability to forage for live food or escape predation, Quatse is not suitable for release back to the wild. "

Quatse is is doing well and gaining weight. Just what we want to see. Not surprising, though, given the size of her ice treats...

Quatse has been upgraded to an outdoor habitat with her own pool. She is slowly gaining weight, and a lot more active than when she was first admitted.

Guestbook for Quatse

  1. Dear Quatse, you are adorable! You have been rescued by some of the finest, most-caring people on the planet, and I hope that life will be good for you from here on. Please grow, thrive and be happy!

  2. Hello Quatse,
    What a beautiful little lady you are. Eat, thrive, and grow stong!

  3. Best wishes to our new little floof 🦦
    You’re in good hands Quatse. You’re going to live your new brothers and sisters and look forward to when you are finally able to meet❤️😘

  4. Dearest Quatse – Sending much love and heartfelt prayers for your successful rehabilitation! Best wishes and deep appreciation for all who are caring for you!

  5. Look at that face! Look at those awesome whiskers!!
    Dear Q. Now that you’re safe and sound at MMRC may you grow healthy and strong so you can keep up with the gang’s shenanigans. ❤️

  6. Welcome to MMRC little one! You will be cared for by some amazing people and when you’re old enough, you’ll get to meet a bunch of otter friends. Joey will show you the ropes! I can’t wait to see you on YouTube. You’re simply adorable Quatse 😍

  7. Dear Quatse,
    Welcome to the Wiggler group. You will be loved, adored and well cared for and have millions of people who will enjoy your progress. We love you already.

  8. Quatse, you are in safe and loving hands now with MMRC . Praying you continue to grow strong , healthy and reach your milestones! You are just beautiful and so very loved already!

  9. Hello, Miss Whiskers! Eat well, rest well, and get really healthy. I look forward to seeing you much bigger and totally robust.

  10. Hello Cute little OTTER! You are adorable. We love you Quatse!! Hoping to see you grow and be adorable 🙂

  11. Hello precious Quatse! You look so curious and gentle. I’m so sorry you lost your mama, but you’re in excellent care and comfort. Many thanks to all her caregivers. Get strong and healthy and go on to live a long and safe life. Sweet floof!

  12. Hi Quatse! You are a cuteheart aren’t you? Stay brave little lady. Sending you love, strength and healing thoughts.

  13. Hi sweet Quatse
    Exciting to hear you are making progress.
    You are in the best place with wonderful staff caregivers trainers & staff. You are a lil cutie.
    Continue to thrive.
    Love and prayers 😊♥️

  14. Quatseeeee! You are the cutest lil girl! We are rooting for you and you are in the best hands. Big love for you and your amazing whiskers <3 <3

  15. Dearest Quatse ~ It is heartwarming to see your progress!! Please continue to grow and thrive in the excellent, compassionate care of the staff! ~ Love and prayers always

  16. Stay well and happy and healthy, you gorgeous fur ball! We are all rooting for you from all around the world. X

  17. Dear Quatse,
    So glad to see you doing so well. You look to be such a sweetheart! Just know you are well loved, and being well cared for, by the best people at MMRC. If you are unable to return to the wild, hopefully, you will be able to have a new family with Joey and friends. Lots of love, and positive thoughts sent your way.

  18. What a cutie, and look at those whiskers and pearly whites. Have fun and grow!

  19. Wow, your flippers are growing! Continue to eat heartily, play hard, swim like crazy, and be a healthy, growing little otter.

  20. Love to read about your progress. You go girl!
    Should you become a Kelpdom resident, get ready for some Tazzy “groomies” somewhere down the line. Wait until she sees your BEAUTIFUL whiskers!
    Luv ya!

  21. Hello Quatse! You are a darling with the most beautiful set of whiskers I have ever seen. You are in the best care, and keep thriving! 😘

  22. Hello dear Quatze, our cute little princess! May you grow up to be healthy and happy under the care of some of the best caregivers in the world. We, the fans of Joey, wish that you too become a success story as Joey.

  23. Dear adorable little Quatse

    may your stay at the MMRC be otterly filled with joy. you are beautiful and your happiness is our happiness

  24. What a gorgeous she is! I am so happy to hear she is doing great <3
    Thank you MMR, Vanaqua and all the volunteers to take such good care of all these beautiful creatures <3

  25. Quatse hermosa. Eres una criaturita maravillosa. Espero que crezcas sana y fuerte. Y que vivas una vida plena y feliz🦦❤️😍

  26. Heartfelt thanks to all those at MMR and Vanaqua for their time, energy, dedication, and compassion to Quatse and all other rescues. I have been following Quatse’s progress and was hoping that she may be returned to the wild, but now happy to know she’ll be joining the other Otters at Vanaqua. I look forward to seeing her interact with Katmai, Kunik, Tazlina, Joey, Rialto, Hardy, and Mak. Best wishes Quatse. May you live long and be a wonderful ambassador! ❤️🦦❤️

  27. Congratulations Quatse on your new forever family; Joey is going to be such a proud big brother! Thank you MMR for your expert care of Quatse and so many other precious creatures like her.

  28. Dear Quatse,
    Welcome aboard. All us squishies can’t wait to know you better. You will have the best group of friends in the water with you. And thousands of godparents watching you on line. We love you already. I wish I was an otter so I could play in the water with you and Joey and all the others.

  29. Our dearest little Quatse,
    You are in the safest place on earth with the most magnificent caregivers and us who follow to help you have the best life possible. Your mother should not worry. We give you all the love you need. And you will never be hungry or in any way in danger from the outside world.. Welcome to rescue heaven little one. And Joey and the others will be happy to meet you when you are ready in a large group for birthdays! Joey has competition for the best whiskers!
    Bunches of lovies,

  30. we do love watching the stream while we Play Marbles !! What a blast Fun times !!
    How do your pronounce the names of these mammals ? for instance Quatse? see or just quate

  31. Awww, Ormika bot says that “Upon close examination of your username personality matrix, your otter match is… Quatse” and I am honored that you are the otter closest to my heart, you lovely little lady! <3

  32. Dear Quatse,

    You have made me and mother so happy. You are beautiful and clever. Continue flourishing lovely little ballerina.

  33. Visited Vancouver Aquarium last month for the first time in a few years, and Quatse was by far my favorite addition. So energetic and playful, she seems quite devoted to honing her spinning abilities. Named the little keychain sea otter plush I bought after her since she’s the ‘baby’ of the group.

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