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Patient Record

Species: Northern Fur Seal

Patient ID: CU2101

Admitted on: 2021/01/22

Collection Site: Salt Spring Island

Reason for Admission: Malnutrition; ocular injury

Weight at Admission: 9.5 kg

Patient Status: transferred

Time in Care: 210 days (6 months, 3 weeks, 6 days)

Transfer History

Received from: IWNCC

Original Admission: 2021/01/21

Mode of Transport: DFO, Harbour Air

Transfer to: Vancouver Aquarium

Date of Transfer: 2021/08/20

Reason for Transfer: Deemed non-releasable by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Patient Updates

Lola was transferred to Vancouver Aquarium after 210 days in our care.

Lola has been deemed non-releasable by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Due to his visual impairment and inability to forage for live food or escape predation, Lola is not suitable for release back to the wild.

Lola is now recovering from his second eye surgery, and is doing great. He is getting daily eye drops, as well as oral medication to help with the healing process. Lola is full of sass and loves follow staff members around his enclosure. Despite being a marine mammal, we have discovered that he dislikes the water hose...although he loves to swim!

Lola has recovered from his first eye surgery. You can still see where the fur was shaved off to keep fur from the surgical site. Staff that his vision has improved, and he's now waiting for his second surgery.

Lola has been with us for over a month and is doing well. If she continues to gain weight, her eye surgery will take place soon and we hope to be able to help her regain some eyesight.

Lola has been diagnosed with bilateral congenital cataracts. She will have surgery on both eyes to remove the cataracts, with hopes of regaining some of her eyesight. It is likely that due to her disability, she will eventually be deemed non-releasable. The rescue centre is working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to determine the best possible outcome for her. Lola now weighs 12.2 kg (she's slowly gaining weight) and is being fed 4-5 times a day.

Guestbook for Lola

  1. Dear Lola – Praying for your speedy recovery! Much love to you and all who are caring for you!

  2. Hi Lola! Aren’t you adorable? The MMRC will take the best care of you. Eat lots of fishes so you get stronger every day & know you are loved by people all around the World. Be well my new Northern Fur seal friend.

  3. You’re in the best care ever Lola! Get rest and follow doctor’s orders! We all love you!! ❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy some fish and get stronger every day!!

  4. Hi Lola! We love you and your external ears!! You are the cutest! Wishing you a good recovery!
    -Naya and Liam

  5. Hi there little Lady, Lola! Just checking on you. I know they are taking great care of you so I hope you are doing well & feeling better and better every day. I bet you are eating your fish and getting strong. Sending you lots of prayers and love my friend.

  6. Hi, Lola! We continue to pray for your healing and recovery, sending much love to you and all who are caring for you with their expert hands and loving hearts!

  7. Hi Lola,

    You are wonderful, and your external ears are the cutest!!! Sending love and a wish for a speedy recovery!

  8. Poor little Lola – 28 days in care, and still no updates – I hope you feel better really soon and grow strong and healthy.

  9. Hi Lola- I came to check on you and hope you are still doing well. Look forward to seeing how much you’ve grown and how strong & healthy you are when we have an update. Be well in the meantime & know that you are loved.

  10. Good girl, Lola! Keep on eating and swimming and growing. You already look more muscular. Good luck with your surgeries.

  11. Please tell Lola not to fear her upcoming cataract surgery. I had my right eye done two weeks ago, and I’m ready for my left eye surgery next week. It’s just about as painless and smooth a surgery as there is nowadays! And you’ll love the results, Lola. Good Luck!

  12. Hi Lola, you’re so cute like Spiny Kobi. I’m getting ready now. See you soon on video!

  13. Hi lady Lola. So happy to see you are gaining weight & getting stronger every day. Keep eating your fish food so you feel better and better, okay? You are the cutest sweetest little Lola the fur seal there ever was. Sorry you’ve had to struggle but you have the best care in the world looking after you. Sending you healthy thoughts and positive energy so you can have your eye surgery soon. Love you Lola!

  14. Hi sweet Lola

    You are a cutie. Praying you continue to make progress. You are in a wonderful place to do that.

    Love you lil Lola ♥️😊

  15. Dearest Lola ~ Sending much love and heartfelt prayers for your continued progress! Wishing all the best to you and everyone who is caring for you!

  16. Lovely Lola,
    Continue to gain your strength. Lots of people have you in their prayers for you to get to your best recovery. Once you have your cataract surgery you will find it will help you, too. Lots of love coming your way, Lola.

  17. Hi again, Lola. Keep up the good work, and I hope your cataract operations do you at least as much good as mine did me.

  18. Sending love and healing fro Sweet Briar College! I hope you enjoy your seal snacks sweet girl!

  19. Hi again, Lola. Any idea why you’ve got a male symbol instead of a female one?
    I hope your cataract surgeries are soon and wildly successful. Take care of yourself!

  20. Replying to Granfran : Lola had successful surgery on one eye, the next is scheduled for June. During the surgery, they found that Lola is in fact MISTER Lola, a boy! 🙂

  21. Girls will be boys and boys will be girls, it’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world except for Lola!

  22. You got this Lola! All the best to you and your upcoming surgery! ♥

  23. Lolo, then. Congratulations on your successful surgery, and the best of luck with the second one. I hope your vision continues to improve
    You be you, kid!

  24. Hello Lola! I’m so happy to see that you are doing well. I’m following you since you first were rescued and seeing how you grow up and get stronger its such a beautiful process. Get better my little boy, we are all excited to see the day of your release.

  25. Hello Lola! You are very adorable, and it is good to hear that your first eye surgery went well. I hope the second one goes well too!! ❤️

  26. One surgery down, one to go!! Keep on trucking Lola!! Hopefully once they are all done you will have regained enough eyesight to be able to return to the wild. But if not then I’ll come to whatever aquarium you wind up at to say hi and tell your keepers to give you the good fish. Okay?

  27. Hi Mr Lola- Sounds like your first eye surgery was a success & your next one is coming soon. I am proud of you for being such a trooper not being able to see super duper in your young little life. I hope your next surgery goes very well and your vision has a huge improvement. Best of luck for a successful surgery so be strong please!! You are brave!

  28. Dear Lola,
    We love following your recovery journey and hope you will one day be able to swim in the big ocean! Mwah!
    -Nay and Lim

  29. La-la-la-lola
    I hope your second surgery goes well and that you are able to find a permanent home with many carers and lots of fishies!
    I’m glad you are getting very good care and you helped cheer me up on a sad day <3
    Please continue to thrive!

  30. I’m glad to see that you’re doing so well. I hope that you have good vision and that you end up wherever is best for you, whether it’s the ocean or an aquarium.

  31. Hi Mr. Lola- Hadn’t checked on you in a bit so wanted to say Hi and see if there were any update on your 2nd eye surgery. I hope it was a success and is doing as well as the 1st one. I hope you are able to see a lot better and can enjoy the caretakers and your mammal friends at MMRC that you’ve been hanging out with since you were rescued. Sending you lots of love and healthy healing thoughts. Stay strong and be well Mr. Lola!

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