MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Facility: IWNCC (178)

Island Wildlife Natural Care Centre, Salt Spring Island

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2367 Goody Two Shoes Harbour Seal 2023/10/05 Pender Island Underweight, Dehydrated, Lethargic 1 released
PV2366 Sweet Tooth Harbour Seal 2023/09/14 Victoria Marine Mammal Disturbance, Emaciated, Wounds 2 2 released
PV2365 On The Ball Harbour Seal 2023/09/08 Prevost Island Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 2 released
PV2364 Party Animal Harbour Seal 2023/09/07 Drummond Bay Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 1 released
PV2363 Cat's Pajamas Harbour Seal 2023/08/26 Salt Spring Island Maternal Separation 4 3 deceased
PV2362 Go Bananas Harbour Seal 2023/08/15 Parksville Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 4 1 released
PV2359 Out of the Blue Harbour Seal 2023/08/17 Hudson Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 1 released
PV2357 Gold Digger Harbour Seal 2023/08/15 Genoa Bay Maternal Separation 4 4 released
PV2356 Early Bird Harbour Seal 2023/08/14 Hornby Island Maternal Separation, Dehydrated, Wounds 4 2 released
PV2355 Silver Surfer Harbour Seal 2023/08/13 Thetis Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 released
PV2353 Big Deal Harbour Seal 2023/08/10 Patricia Bay Emaciated, Lethargic, Underweight 3 released
PV2352 Loose Canon Harbour Seal 2023/08/09 Nanoose Bay Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 5 released
PV2349 Salt of the Earth Harbour Seal 2023/08/06 Valdes Island Maternal Separation, Underweight 5 released
PV2344 Cloud Nine Harbour Seal 2023/08/03 Mill Bay Marina Maternal Separation 4 1 released
PV2343 Couch Potato Harbour Seal 2023/08/02 Mayne Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 released
PV2342 Goof Ball Harbour Seal 2023/08/02 Hornby Island Emaciated, Dehydrated, Maternal Separation 5 released
PV2340 Happy Camper Harbour Seal 2023/08/01 Sooke Marina Emaciated, Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2339 Tight Spot Harbour Seal 2023/07/31 Oyster Bay (Mayne Island) Maternal Separation 4 4 released
PV2335 High Five Harbour Seal 2023/07/27 Samuel Island Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2332 Chill Pill Harbour Seal 2023/07/25 Salt Spring Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated 3 released
PV2331 Over the Moon Harbour Seal 2023/07/24 Fanny Bay Emaciated, Lethargic 4 1 released
PV2328 Baby Blues Harbour Seal 2023/07/22 Neck Point Park, Nanaimo Emaciated, Wounds, Maternal Separation 2 1 released
PV2325 Wild & Woolly Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Maple Bay Marina Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2323 Piece of Cake Harbour Seal 2023/07/20 Crofton Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2321 Eye Candy Harbour Seal 2023/07/17 North Pender Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Lethargic 2 released
PV2317 Crème De La Crème Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 North Secretary Island Maternal Separation, Wounds 2 released
PV2311 Smart Cookie Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Gossip Island Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2296 Dulse Harbour Seal 2022/09/06 Nanaimo Harbour Maternal separation; Emaciated released
PV2295 Irish Moss Harbour Seal 2022/08/31 Pender Island Dehydrated, Emaciated 2 deceased
PV2293 Oyster Thief Harbour Seal 2022/08/26 Miner's Bay (Mayne Island) Failure to thrive released
PV2292 Dragon Kelp Harbour Seal 2022/08/24 Parksville Emaciated; dehydrated released
PV2291 Wakame Harbour Seal 2022/08/19 South Pender Wounds released
PV2290 Kombu Harbour Seal 2022/08/17 Brentwood Bay Emaciated, dehydrated 1 deceased
PV2289 Graceful Green Hair Harbour Seal 2022/08/16 Crofton Emaciated, underweight released
PV2284 Spiky Rose Harbour Seal 2022/08/12 Nanaimo Harbour Maternal separation released
PV2283 Mermaid's Gloves Harbour Seal 2022/08/09 Denman Island Maternal separation released
PV2276 Peacock Tail Harbour Seal 2022/08/06 Galiano Island Maternal separation 1 released
PV2271 Hidden Rib Harbour Seal 2022/08/03 Pender Island Maternal separation released
PV2270 Creephorn Harbour Seal 2022/08/03 Qualicum Beach Lethargic released
PV2268 Sea Cauliflower Harbour Seal 2022/07/30 Ruxton Island Maternal separation released
PV2267 Bleached Brunette Harbour Seal 2022/07/29 Mayne Island Failure to thrive released
PV2266 Fairies Butter Harbour Seal 2022/07/29 Galiano Island Emaciated released
PV2263 Green Rope Harbour Seal 2022/07/28 Colwood Dehydrated released
PV2258 Hairy Pottery Harbour Seal 2022/07/26 Comox Maternal separation 2 released
PV2253 Landlady's Wig Harbour Seal 2022/07/25 Ruxton Island Maternal separation 1 released
PV2250 Red Cellophane Harbour Seal 2022/07/24 Galiano Island Lethargic 1 deceased
PV2249 Sticky Tube Harbour Seal 2022/07/24 Salt Spring Island Lethargic 1 released
PV2248 Giant Kelp Harbour Seal 2022/07/22 Mayne Island Emaciated 1 released
PV2246 Sugar Kelp Harbour Seal 2022/07/21 Galiano Island Maternal separation 1 released
PV2245 Water Silk Harbour Seal 2022/07/21 South Pender Island Maternal separation 1 released
PV2242 Feather Boa Harbour Seal 2022/07/19 Valdes Island Maternal separation released
PV2241 Rusty Rock Harbour Seal 2022/07/19 Gabriola Island Maternal separation released
PV2239 Slimy Whip Harbour Seal 2022/07/18 South Pender Island Upper Respiratory released
PV2238 Black Tassel Harbour Seal 2022/07/18 James Island Maternal separation released
PV2237 Suction Cup Harbour Seal 2022/07/17 Wallace Island Emaciated released
PV2236 Straggly Tail Harbour Seal 2022/07/15 Sooke Maternal separation released
PV2234 Turkish Washcloth Harbour Seal 2022/07/13 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation released
PV2233 Cracked Saucer Harbour Seal 2022/07/13 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation released
PV2231 Jade Nori Harbour Seal 2022/07/12 Nanaimo Maternal separation released
PV2225 Flat Pom Pom Harbour Seal 2022/07/08 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation released
PV2224 False Eyelash Harbour Seal 2022/07/08 Nanaimo Maternal separation released
PV2222 Sea Spaghetti Harbour Seal 2022/07/06 Saturna Island Maternal separation released
PV2220 Hairy Basket Harbour Seal 2022/07/04 Gabriola Island Maternal separation released
PV2201 Penelope (Penny) Harbour Seal 2022/02/13 Injuries from boat strike 1 12 released
PV21117 Be-Bop Harbour Seal 2021/09/20 Gabriola Island Wounds; Upper respiratory; Lethargic 2 released
PV21116 Java Harbour Seal 2021/09/16 Beddin Beach Emaciated 2 released
PV21112 Hora Harbour Seal 2021/08/30 Salt Spring Island Emaciated; Dehydrated; 1 released
PV21111 Memphis Jookin Harbour Seal 2021/08/26 Genoa Bay Emaciated 3 released
PV21108 Saltarello Harbour Seal 2021/08/18 Lasqueti Island Dehydrated 5 released
PV21107 Macarena Harbour Seal 2021/08/17 Ladysmith Emaciated 3 released
PV21105 Lambada Harbour Seal 2021/08/12 Beddie Beach Emaciated 2 released
PV21104 Troika Harbour Seal 2021/08/08 Salt Spring Island Emaciated 1 released
PV21101 Gigue Harbour Seal 2021/08/06 Ladysmith Emaciated 1 released
PV2198 Mazurka Harbour Seal 2021/08/05 Pender Island Lethargic 2 released
PV2196 Quick Step Harbour Seal 2021/08/04 N/A Maternal separation; Dehydrated; Underweight 1 2 released
PV2191 Otea Harbour Seal 2021/08/02 Galiano Maternal separation 2 released
PV2188 Minuet Harbour Seal 2021/08/01 Trails Island Dehydrated; Emaciated; Upper respiratory 1 3 released
PV2187 Carioca Harbour Seal 2021/08/01 Mayne Island Dehydrated; Emaciated; 2 2 released
PV2184 Shuffle Harbour Seal 2021/07/30 Galiano Island Maternal separation 2 2 released
PV2183 Kabuki Harbour Seal 2021/07/30 Trials Island Sun Maternal separation 1 2 released
PV2179 Borris Harbour Seal 2021/07/27 Galiano Island, Retreat Cove Dehydrated; Maternal separation; 1 2 released
PV2178 Cabriole Harbour Seal 2021/07/27 Goldstream Provincial Park/Finlayson Arm Maternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated 2 1 released
PV2162 Zook Harbour Seal 2021/07/22 Sidney Island Dehydrated; Emaciated; Maternal separation 1 2 released
PV2161 Bolero Harbour Seal 2021/07/21 Ladysmith Dehydrated; Maternal separation; 1 2 released
PV2160 Charleston Harbour Seal 2021/07/21 Salt Spring Island; Fulford Emaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 2 1 released
PV2159 Bossa Nova Harbour Seal 2021/07/20 Valdes Island Emaciated; Dehydrated; Wounds 2 1 released
PV2156 Harlow Harbour Seal 2021/07/18 Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria Maternal separation; Dehydrated; 1 3 released
PV2155 Waltz Harbour Seal 2021/07/18 Mayne Island Maternal separation; Wounds; Dehydrated 2 1 released
PV2151 Twist Harbour Seal 2021/07/16 Crofton Maternal separation; Dehydrated; 1 1 released
PV2150 Hip Hop Harbour Seal 2021/07/16 Protection Island Maternal separation; Emaciated; 1 2 released
PV2149 Paso Doble Harbour Seal 2021/07/15 Salt Spring Island Dehydrated; Maternal separation; 1 2 released
PV2148 Pavane Harbour Seal 2021/07/15 Mill Bay Emaciated 2 2 released
PV2139 Flamenco Harbour Seal 2021/07/13 James Island Maternal separation; Lethargic; 2 released
PV2134 Jazz Harbour Seal 2021/07/11 Mill Bay Maternal separation; Lethargic; 1 2 released
PV2133 Disco Harbour Seal 2021/07/10 Wise Island Maternal separation; Emaciated; 2 1 released
PV2132 Foxtrot Harbour Seal 2021/07/10 Galiano Island Emaciated; Marine mammal disturbance; 1 released
PV2130 Rumba Harbour Seal 2021/07/09 Nanaimo Maternal separation 2 released
PV2126 Can Can Harbour Seal 2021/07/05 Mayne Island Underweight; Wounds; Dehydrated 1 2 released
PV2125 Jitterbug Harbour Seal 2021/07/04 Yellow Point, Ladysmith/Nanaimo Underweight; Dehydrated; Lethargic 2 2 released
PV2124 Polka Harbour Seal 2021/07/04 Thetis Island Maternal separation; Underweight; 2 1 released
PV2119 Tango Harbour Seal 2021/06/27 Wise Island Maternal separation 1 1 released
PV2116 Cha Cha Harbour Seal 2021/06/25 Mill Bay Maternal separation 1 1 released
CU2101 Lola Northern Fur Seal 2021/01/22 Salt Spring Island Malnutrition; ocular injury 5 39 transferred
PV2081 Bob (Hang Glider) Harbour Seal 2020/09/07 Thetis Island Emaciated; Wounds; Upper respiratory 3 13 released
PV2079 Zuzu (Firetruck) Harbour Seal 2020/08/24 Crofton Dehydrated; Emaciated; Lethargic 2 7 released
PV2078 Rocky (Steamship) Harbour Seal 2020/08/23 Hornby Island Emaciated; Dehydrated; Lethargic 2 6 released
PV2075 Zuma (Limousine) Harbour Seal 2020/08/17 Saturna Island Emaciated, dehydrated 4 3 released
PV2074 David (Chaloupe) Harbour Seal 2020/08/16 Port Washington, Pender Island Emaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 5 4 released
PV2070 Arthur (Ocean Liner) Harbour Seal 2020/08/10 Cowichan Bay Emaciated; Dehydrated 4 2 released
PV2069 Lilby (Hot Air Ballon) Harbour Seal 2020/08/10 Mayne Island, Oyster Bay Emaciated; Dehydrated 3 2 released
PV2068 Saucy Harbour Seal 2020/08/07 Pender Island Maternal separation; Emaciated 4 2 released
PV2067 Penny (Segway) Harbour Seal 2020/08/06 Gabriola Island Emaciated; Dehydrated; Wounds 5 3 released
PV2063 Aidan (Subway) Harbour Seal 2020/08/03 Cowichan Bay Maternal separation 4 2 released
PV2062 Wolfgang (Electric Car) Harbour Seal 2020/08/02 Hornby Island Dehydrated; Underweight 4 2 released
PV2060 Shadow (Hovercraft) Harbour Seal 2020/08/01 Hudson Island Emaciated; Dehydrated; 3 3 released
PV2059 Abigail Ariella (Snowmobile) Harbour Seal 2020/07/31 Gonzales Bay, Victoria Underweight; Dehydrated 5 2 released
PV2058 Snapper (Jet Ski) Harbour Seal 2020/07/31 Cowichan Bay Emaciated; Dehydrated 4 2 released
PV2057 Sealvester (Scooter) Harbour Seal 2020/08/30 Genoa Bay Emaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 5 5 released
PV2056 Marty "Kind of a Big Deal" Haulena (Lifeboat) Harbour Seal 2020/07/30 James Bay Wounds; Emaciated; Dehydrated 4 3 released
PV2048 Selkie (Mini Van) Harbour Seal 2020/07/27 Pender Island Underweight; Maternal separation; Lethargic 6 3 released
PV2047 Merlin (Paddle Board) Harbour Seal 2020/07/27 Cordoba Bay Emaciated; Maternal separation 5 4 released
PV2045 Ona (Ferry) Harbour Seal 2020/07/26 Cowichan Bay Dehydrated; Wounds; Eye injury 4 3 released
PV2040 Cotopaxie (Tuk Tuk) Harbour Seal 2020/07/23 Beddis Beach, Salt Spring Island Maternal separation; Lethargic 5 4 released
PV2036 Buddy (Dinghy) Harbour Seal 2020/07/21 Galiano Island Maternal separation 3 2 released
PV2035 Yoda (Zodiak) Harbour Seal 2020/07/21 Hornby Island Maternal separation 4 2 released
PV2034 Cleopatra (Catamaran) Harbour Seal 2020/07/19 Saturna Island Maternal separation; Underweight 3 6 released
PV2030 RyLa (Unicycle) Harbour Seal 2020/07/17 Pender Island Eye injury 8 8 released
PV2028 Wilder (Kayak) Harbour Seal 2020/07/16 Mayne Island Underweight; Eye injury; Dehydrated 3 2 released
PV2025 Biggs (Magic Carpet) Harbour Seal 2020/07/14 Mayne Island Dehydrated; Emaciated 3 2 released
PV2019 Dougie (Canoe) Harbour Seal 2020/07/07 Pender Island, BC Dehydrated; Wounds 3 2 released
PV2016 Sam (Ocean Liner) Harbour Seal 2020/07/05 Oak Bay Maternal separation; Underweight; Dehydrated 5 4 released
PV2012 Ligo (Gondola) Harbour Seal 2020/06/30 Cowichan Bay Maternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 2 2 released
PV2006 Yuki (Space Shuttle) Harbour Seal 2020/06/19 RVYC Jericho Beach Maternal separation 8 14 released
PV2003 Sealy Dan (Pogo Stick) Harbour Seal 2020/06/15 Sooke, Dock at Jenkins Marine Emaciated; Dehydrated 8 9 released
PV2002 Focarelli (Submarine) Harbour Seal 2020/06/15 Sooke, Harbour House Marina Maternal separation 8 4 released
PV19112 Elephant Harbour Seal 2019/10/22 Mill Bay Marina Emaciated; Lethargic; Upper respiratory 2 released
PV19108 Bilby Harbour Seal 2019/09/08 Retreat Cove, Galiano Island Upper respiratory; Wounds 1 1 released
PV19107 Pangolin Harbour Seal 2019/09/03 Scott Point, Salt Spring Island Underweight; Wounds 1 released
PV19105 Rhinoceros Harbour Seal 2019/09/01 Cowichan Bay Underweight; Upper respiratory 1 released
PV19103 Spotted Hyena (Spot) Harbour Seal 2019/08/28 Galiano Island Dehydrated; Emaciated 3 released
PV19102 Bush Baby Harbour Seal 2019/08/26 Piers Island Maternal separation; Emaciated; 1 released
PV1996 Blue Whale Harbour Seal 2019/08/16 Galiano Island Maternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated 3 released
PV1995 Porpoise Harbour Seal 2019/08/15 Pender Island Maternal separation 1 released
PV1994 Gazelle Harbour Seal 2019/08/15 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation 2 released
PV1992 Fennec Fox Harbour Seal 2019/08/10 Chemainus Sawmill Maternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1991 Spirit Bear Harbour Seal 2019/08/10 Galiano Island Maternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1988 Zebra Harbour Seal 2019/08/08 Wise Island Underweight; Maternal separation 2 1 released
PV1986 Groundhog Harbour Seal 2019/08/07 South Pender Island Underweight 1 released
PV1983 Flying Squirrel Harbour Seal 2019/08/05 Mayne Island Maternal separation; Emaciated 4 1 deceased
PV1980 Grey Wolf Harbour Seal 2019/08/03 Sidney Maternal separation; Emaciated 3 1 released
PV1977 Dromedary Harbour Seal 2019/08/02 Crofton Saw Mill, Crofton, BC Log boom; Maternal separation 5 released
PV1976 Bengal Tiger Harbour Seal 2019/08/02 Cowichan Bay Maternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1972 Grizzly Bear Harbour Seal 2019/08/01 Halibut Island Maternal separation 2 released
PV1970 Cariboo Harbour Seal 2019/07/31 Mayne Island Maternal separation 2 released
PV1969 Honey Badger Harbour Seal 2019/07/31 Mill Bay Maternal separation 1 released
PV1966 Koala Harbour Seal 2019/07/30 Mayne Island Maternal separation 3 released
PV1965 Armadillo Harbour Seal 2019/07/30 Gabriola Island Wounds 6 released
PV1962 Babirusa Harbour Seal 2019/07/29 Crofton Maternal separation; Dehydrated 4 1 released
PV1961 Pygmy Tarsier Harbour Seal 2019/07/29 Moresby Island Maternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 8 4 released
PV1959 Jaguar Harbour Seal 2019/07/27 Galiano Island Maternal separation; Wounds; Upper respiratory 1 released
PV1958 Coyote Harbour Seal 2019/07/27 Mayne Island Maternal separation 2 released
PV1956 Polar Bear Harbour Seal 2019/07/26 Saturna Island Emaciated; Lethargic 3 released
PV1955 Buffalo Harbour Seal 2019/07/26 Galiano Island Maternal separation 4 released
PV1951 Golden Monkey Harbour Seal 2019/07/24 South Pender Maternal separation 5 released
PV1945 Bonobo Harbour Seal 2019/07/22 Thetis Island Maternal separation 2 released
PV1944 Giant Anteater Harbour Seal 2019/07/21 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation; Underweight 1 released
PV1943 Meerkat Harbour Seal 2019/07/21 Hornby Island Maternal separation; Lethargic 4 released
PV1941 Okapi Harbour Seal 2019/07/20 Piers Island Maternal separation; Emaciated 4 released
PV1940 Moose Harbour Seal 2019/07/20 Saturna Island Emaciated; Maternal separation 3 released
PV1934 Dugong Harbour Seal 2019/07/17 Chemainus Maternal separation 8 released
PV1932 Cheetah Harbour Seal 2019/07/16 North Saanich Maternal separation 2 released
PV1928 Sloth Harbour Seal 2019/07/15 Wise Island Maternal separation; Emaciated 3 released
PV1925 Walrus Harbour Seal 2019/07/12 Ogden Point, Victoria Maternal separation 3 released
PV1920 Hippopotamus (Hippo) Harbour Seal 2019/07/06 Salt Spring Island Maternal separation; Lethargic 3 released
PV1914 Manatee Harbour Seal 2019/06/27 Hornby Island Maternal separation 4 2 released
PV1913 Panda Harbour Seal 2019/06/27 Pender Island, Poet Cove Maternal separation 4 1 released
PV1912 Platypus Harbour Seal 2019/06/25 Gabriola Island Maternal separation 2 released
PV1901 Baked Alaska (BA) Harbour Seal 2019/02/07 Gabriola Island Failure to thrive, respiratory symptoms 6 2 released