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Patient Record

Nickname: Unicycle

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV2030

Admitted on: 2020/07/17

Collection Site: Pender Island

Reason for Admission: Eye injury

Weight at Admission: 9.5 kg

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 74 days (2 months, 1 week, 6 days)

Transfer History

Received from: IWNCC

Mode of Transport: Harbour Air


Release Date: 2020/09/29

Release Site: Porteau Cove

Release Weight: 21.7 kg

Patient Updates

RyLa was released after 74 days in our care.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

Ryla is doing really well in her pool and she competes great with her pool mates. She still has some healing and recovering to do before moving to a pre release pool.

A staff favourite, Ryla is a sweet seal who enjoys swimming in her pool and hauling out to say hi to her pool mates.

Ryla is competing well with Carlita. Her wounds are healing well. And she's extra cute when dry and fluffy!

Ryla's wounds have healed nicely.

Ryla has recovered well from her surgery and the surgical site is healing nicely. Even though we had to remove one eyeball, she seems to be the happiest seal on site. She clearly enjoys her swims and likes being misted with cool water.

Ryla is being housed in the comfort tent where we can make her most comfortable. She is recovering well from her eye enucleation and the surgical site is healing well.

RyLa had eye surgery today, and it was a success! When we checked in on her today, she was still recovering from the procedure. But we hope to have more pictures of her soon.

RyLa is described as a very 'sweet' patient, but she's got a bad eye injury for which she is being treated. She has been given pain medication to make her more comfortable.

Guestbook for RyLa

  1. Poor sweet little RyLa; I am so sorry that you needed to have surgery to remove your badly injured eye, but I am not surprised to hear, as is so often the case in these situations, that you are “the happiest seal on site.” God speed, little one; I do hope that one day you will be big an strong enough to return to your ocean home ?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️.

  2. Hello, little RyLa,
    I tried to leave you a message earlier, but I am afraid I did not format it correctly. Anyway, I was so sorry to hear that your surgery required the removal of one of your eyes, but I was not surprised to learn that, as is so often the case in situations such as yours, you are, nevertheless, the “happiest seal on site.” God speed, little one; I hope you grow big and strong and may even one day be able to be released back into your ocean home ?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️!

  3. Hi Little RyLa,
    Our family is honored to have named you…we hope and pray for your recovery. We hope and pray that you overcome losing your left eye.
    You are loved!

  4. So happy to have adopted you, sweet RyLa! You stood out to me because my dad and I have a condition called Stickler Syndrome that puts us at very high risk for retinal detachment and is why my dad is now blind in one eye. Thankfully, we both got a surgery that has a 95% success rate of preventing detachment, but I remember how awful the recovery process was for both of us.

    I’m hoping that your recovery is going well and that you’ll live a long, healthy, and happy life!

  5. Thank you for the September 3rd RyLa update! I adopted her on the 22nd and was hoping she was doing well. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

  6. Hi Ryla precious lady seal. What a struggle you’ve already had so I’m very sorry for that. It makes me sad but I know you are receiving excellent medical attention from the best staff & volunteers! You are well taken care of and they are pulling for you to have a great life once you are 100% healed from your surgery. Eat lots of fish and you will be super strong and heal in no time. You are brave so stay positive and keep up the good work. Keep swimming and being a happy girl my seal friend. Sending prayers, healthy thoughts and lots of love to you Ryla.

  7. Dearest RyLa,

    How very happy I was to learn of your recent release back to your ocean home! I had been so sad to hear, several months ago, about the necessity to remove one of your eyes to facilitate your healing process, but I knew that your excellent caregivers would do everything in their power to get you to a point that you could return home—and so they did. God speed, little one, back again where you belong, and thank you ever so much, MMRC, for working tirelessly to give this dear, sweet seal a second chance at life in the wild ?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️!


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