MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Mode of Transport: Harbour Air (61)

#NameSpeciesAdmittedCollection SiteReason for Admission
PV19112 ElephantHarbour Seal2019/10/22Mill Bay MarinaEmaciated; Lethargic; Upper respiratory 2 released
PV19108 BilbyHarbour Seal2019/09/08Retreat Cove, Galiano IslandUpper respiratory; Wounds 1 1 released
PV19107 PangolinHarbour Seal2019/09/03Scott Point, Salt Spring IslandUnderweight; Wounds 1 released
PV19105 RhinocerosHarbour Seal2019/09/01Cowichan BayUnderweight; Upper respiratory 1 released
PV19103 Spotted Hyena (Spot)Harbour Seal2019/08/28Galiano IslandDehydrated; Emaciated 3 released
PV19102 Bush BabyHarbour Seal2019/08/26Piers IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated; 1 released
PV1996 Blue WhaleHarbour Seal2019/08/16Galiano IslandMaternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated 3 released
PV1995 PorpoiseHarbour Seal2019/08/15Pender IslandMaternal separation 1 released
PV1994 GazelleHarbour Seal2019/08/15Salt Spring IslandMaternal separation 2 released
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PV1993 Brie LobsterHarbour Seal2019/08/10Patricia Bay, VictoriaMarine mammal disturbance; Emaciated 1 deceased
PV1992 Fennec FoxHarbour Seal2019/08/10Chemainus SawmillMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1991 Spirit BearHarbour Seal2019/08/10Galiano IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1988 ZebraHarbour Seal2019/08/08Wise IslandUnderweight; Maternal separation 2 released
PV1986 GroundhogHarbour Seal2019/08/07South Pender IslandUnderweight 1 released
PV1985 Ryan RaynoldsHarbour Seal2019/08/06LangfordMaternal separation 1 deceased
PV1983 Flying SquirrelHarbour Seal2019/08/05Mayne IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 4 1 deceased
PV1981 Viola DaFishHarbour Seal2019/08/03EsquimaltMaternal separation; Emaciated 7 released
PV1980 Grey WolfHarbour Seal2019/08/03SidneyMaternal separation; Emaciated 3 released
PV1977 DromedaryHarbour Seal2019/08/02Crofton Saw Mill, Crofton, BCLog boom; Maternal separation 5 released
PV1976 Bengal TigerHarbour Seal2019/08/02Cowichan BayMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1972 Grizzly BearHarbour Seal2019/08/01Halibut IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1970 CaribooHarbour Seal2019/07/31Mayne IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1969 Honey BadgerHarbour Seal2019/07/31Mill BayMaternal separation 1 released
PV1968 Queen ElizafishHarbour Seal2019/07/31Cowichan BayMaternal separation 3 released
PV1967 Marge ShrimpsonHarbour Seal2019/07/31Cowichan BayMaternal separation 5 released
PV1966 KoalaHarbour Seal2019/07/30Mayne IslandMaternal separation 3 released
PV1965 ArmadilloHarbour Seal2019/07/30Gabriola IslandWounds 6 released
PV1964 Airapaima GrandeHarbour Seal2019/07/29Willis PointMaternal separation 2 1 released
PV1962 BabirusaHarbour Seal2019/07/29CroftonMaternal separation; Dehydrated 4 1 released
PV1961 Pygmy TarsierHarbour Seal2019/07/29Moresby IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 8 2 released
PV1959 JaguarHarbour Seal2019/07/27Galiano IslandMaternal separation; Wounds; Upper respiratory 1 released
PV1958 CoyoteHarbour Seal2019/07/27Mayne IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1956 Polar BearHarbour Seal2019/07/26Saturna IslandEmaciated; Lethargic 3 released
PV1955 BuffaloHarbour Seal2019/07/26Galiano IslandMaternal separation 4 released
PV1954 Keanu ReefsHarbour Seal2019/07/25Thormanby Islands (Powell River)Wounds; Maternal separation; Underweight 2 1 released
PV1953 Algae WongHarbour Seal2019/07/25Esquimalt LagoonMaternal separation 5 2 released
PV1951 Golden MonkeyHarbour Seal2019/07/24South PenderMaternal separation 5 released
PV1947 Skate HudsonHarbour Seal2019/07/22Departure BayMarine mammal disturbance 3 1 released
PV1945 BonoboHarbour Seal2019/07/22Thetis IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1944 Giant AnteaterHarbour Seal2019/07/21Salt Spring IslandMaternal separation; Underweight 1 released
PV1943 MeerkatHarbour Seal2019/07/21Hornby IslandMaternal separation; Lethargic 4 released
PV1941 OkapiHarbour Seal2019/07/20Piers IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 4 released
PV1940 MooseHarbour Seal2019/07/20Saturna IslandEmaciated; Maternal separation 3 released
PV1939 Shell-en DeGeneresHarbour Seal2019/07/20McNeill BayMarine mammal disturbance 3 3 released
PV1936 Tina TurtleHarbour Seal2019/07/17SecheltMaternal separation 4 1 released
PV1934 DugongHarbour Seal2019/07/17ChemainusMaternal separation 8 released
PV1933 ImpalaHarbour Seal2019/07/16Genoa BayMaternal separation 2 released
PV1932 CheetahHarbour Seal2019/07/16North SaanichMaternal separation 2 released
PV1931 Sean CanneryHarbour Seal2019/07/16Holland ParkMaternal separation 3 6 released
PV1928 SlothHarbour Seal2019/07/15Wise IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 3 released
PV1926 Scarlett JoplanktonHarbour Seal2019/07/13Cowichan BayMaternal separation 5 2 released
PV1925 WalrusHarbour Seal2019/07/12Ogden Point, VictoriaMaternal separation 3 released
PV1924 Mark WhalebergHarbour Seal2019/07/11Oak BayEmaciated; Maternal separation 4 2 released
PV1920 Hippopotamus (Hippo)Harbour Seal2019/07/06Salt Spring IslandMaternal separation; Lethargic 3 released
PV1914 ManateeHarbour Seal2019/06/27Hornby IslandMaternal separation 4 2 released
PV1913 PandaHarbour Seal2019/06/27Pender Island, Poet CoveMaternal separation 4 released
PV1912 PlatypusHarbour Seal2019/06/25Gabriola IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1911 Kylie MinnowHarbour Seal2019/06/24Oak Bay, VictoriaMaternal separation; Eye injury 2 released
PV1908 Meghan MackerelHarbour Seal2019/06/18Sidney IslandMaternal separation 6 released
PV1907 Mussel CroweHarbour Seal2019/06/12SookeMaternal separation 3 1 released
PV1901 Baked Alaska (BA)Harbour Seal2019/02/07Gabriola IslandFailure to thrive, respiratory symptoms 6 2 released