VAMMR Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory


Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV2173

Admitted on: 2021/07/25

Collection Site: Eagle Island

Reason for Admission: Maternal separation

Weight at Admission: 10.4 kg

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 98 days (3 months, 6 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Harbour Air


Release Date: 2021/10/31

Release Site: Tsawwassen Beach

Release Weight: 24.9 kg

Patient Updates

Igor was released after 98 days in our care.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

Igor is now in a pool learning to compete for fish with other seals!

Igor is one the very few seal pups each season capable of sitting "on his behind". It's adorable.

Guestbook for Igor

  1. Igor – We hope you grow strength and confidence during your rehab at MMR and we look forward to your release back into the wild.

  2. Igor, we are so happy you were able to find a safe place to be nourished and become even stronger than you already are. We miss your presence, but are very grateful that you are now safe.

  3. Hi there Mr. Igor- Take care and get well soon Mr. Igor. MMRC is a wonderful place and they will give you lots of love and take wonderful care of you. Be strong!!!

  4. Awh, Igor I am so happy you’ve been rescued and I can rest assure that you will be taken care of. I look forward to seeing your updates.

  5. Igor, I want to apologize for being so aggressive with you when you were just trying to bond with me and nurse. I hope that as you mature you will understand that I have my own baby, Doug, on whom I have to focus 100% of my attention.

  6. Hang in there Igor.. It will not be long before you’re back in the wild crunching on fish! In the meantime I hope you enjoy your stay at the spa!
    Mike C from Oregon

  7. Yay! I am so happy to see your little face posted on the website. You’re so handsome and I can’t wait to see another update!!!

    Lots of love,


  8. Way to go Igor! You are definitely a fighter. Glad to hear that you’re gaining confidence and learning to catch your own fish. We’re all rooting for you :).

  9. I am so happy to hear that you are getting better Igor. I hope that one day you can be released back to your Eagle Island neighbourhood so you can join us again and we can say hello to each other. I am grateful to the humans that came to your rescue.

  10. Hi there Igor- I came to check on you and glad you are doing well. You’ve been in the care of MMRC for several months now and it says you have learned how to eat your fishes. Sounds like you’ve done a good job so way to go buddy. I bet you just need to keep eating lots more fish to get bigger and stronger. I see you like to sit on your bottom which is really funny for a seal pup. Keep being you and I bet the next time I check on you they will have released you back into the big blue ocean where many fun adventures are waiting. Be well and take care Mr. Igor seal pup!

  11. Igor! You made it! All the way from Eagle Island, then through the care of MMRC, and finally, on Halloween, back into the Pacific Ocean at Tsawwassen . Blessings upon you!
    May your brave spirit have a long and happy life. Eagle Island will never forget you!

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