MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Baked Alaska♀

Patient Record

Nickname: BA

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV1901

Admitted on: 2019/02/07

Collection Site: Gabriola Island

Reason for Admission: Failure to thrive, respiratory symptoms

Weight at Admission: 15.27 kg

Patient Status: in care

Time in Care: 40 days (1 month, 1 week, 3 days)

Current Habitat: Stickleback Pool

This is a large pre-release pool that houses many patients. Animals that have already demonstrated that they can eat fish on their own are placed in a larger pool like this where they can learn how to compete for fish and socialize with other harbour seals.

Patient Updates

BA has been moved to another pool. She is eating well. She is enjoying some extra swims, but is very fond of her haulout... and keeping tabs on the staff!

BA continues to have a great appetite! She eats all her fish, even the one with her medicine. BA seems to enjoy her heating pad a lot right now ─ and we don't blame her!

Because of the weather, BA was moved to the Cali pool, where a partial roof covers the enclosure. She also has a heat pad for comfort. BA is eating well, too!

BA has settled in well. She is eating fish on her own and spent a large portion of her day actively swimming in her pool.

Baked Alaska arrived today ─ by air! She had been rescued from a beach on Gabriola Island and was transferred to us from IWNCC. She's got her own private pool already and spent her first couple of hours at the rescue centre exploring her new surroundings...

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