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Patient Record

Species: Northern Fur Seal

Patient ID: CU1901

Admitted on: 2019/01/28

Collection Site: Hardwicke Island

Reason for Admission: Failure to thrive

Weight at Admission: 6.5 kg

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 157 days (5 months, 4 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Pacific Coastal Airlines


Release Date: 2019/07/04

Release Site: Ucluelet

Release Weight: 10.9 kg

Satellite Tracking: View Tracking Map


Mo was taken into care after employees of the Mowi salmon farm spotted her swimming irregularly in waters near Hardwicke Island. Estimated to be about seven months old, the pup was observed unable to dive and floating sideways. Since being admitted to the Rescue Centre Monday evening, she has been under intensive observation and treated with subcutaneous fluids, gastric protectants and antibiotics.

Patient Updates

Mo was released after 157 days in our care.

"Without even a backwards glance, Mo raced back into the ocean from a beach in Ucluelet on Thursday, and headed straight for the open ocean, according to data from the satellite transmitter she was fitted with before her release."

Mo was released with a satellite tag. You can open the tracking map to track their movements.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

Mo will soon leave our facility after having spent close to 5 months in rehabilitation. She is still getting used to a satellite tag she has been fitted with to track her movements following release. Once she gets the final okay from the veterinary team and Fisheries and Oceans Canada approves her for release, she will be flown to a safe release site.

Mo is doing very well. She's gained a lot of weight since being admitted to the rescue centre, and she is now spending much of her time in the largest pool on site where she can be seen doing... well, normal fur seal things! Staff are very happy with her progress so far, and the rescue centre is working with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to assess whether she meets criteria for release.

Mo has had the chance to explore the largest pool on site for a couple of times. She looks a bit under-sized in that pool, but she seems to like the adventure of it.

Mo shows an increased appetite and continues to gain weight steadily.

Mo is spending shorter days outside because of the weather, but seems to be managing well indoors and outdoors. She has a strong interest in food and continues to gain weight daily.

Mo showed an increase in activity today. She was observed swimming/grooming on her own today and has shown an increase in appetite.

Mo has finally gained some weight ─ even if it's just a little. She is eating fish on her own now and needs very little encouragement. She isn't quite ready for feeds in her pool yet, but she'll get there...

Mo ate some herring, squid and capelin on her own today, which is a big step on her way to recovery! Staff hand-fed her while she was on her heating pad this morning, and she ate it all readily. We will slowing start increasing the number of fish and begin feeding her in her pool. No more tube-feeds for Mo! For now, though, Mo is back in the hospital building to keep her warm while Vancouver experiences its first snow this winter!

Mo continues to gain strength. She is alert and curious about her surroundings and has spent most of the last couple of days in an outdoor enclosure with access to water and heating pads and a heat lamp for comfort. Her favourite resting spot seems to be the roof of a kennel close to the heat lamp, where she can be seen for much of the day, all stretched out and visibly comfortable. Her diet is now being supplemented with fish and we hope to see her gain weight soon.

Mo is gaining strength. She was much more active today, had a swim in an outdoor pool and staff observed her play with fish in the water.

Mo has been quiet today and spent most of the day resting. She is still being tube-fed throughout the day and will be introduced to whole fish once she is more stable. Staff were able to run more diagnostic testing today to help evaluate her condition further.

Mo has not shown any interest in fish yet. Fluids are being administered, and she is being tube-fed. She has also been taking baths in her "en-suite" mini tub.

Mo's first night at the rescue centre. She was admitted to the hospital, sexed, weighed and measured. Her body temperature and a blood sample were taken as well. She was then given fluids and she was placed under a heat lamp for comfort.

Guestbook for Mo

  1. Thank you so much for this update ; keep on doing this great work. All my love to all the pups and the people that take great care of them

  2. What a precious pup! Heart melting! Wishing Mo a well recovery. What a group of inspiring staff and volunteers at The Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

  3. Happy to adopt this fighter! Mo, you’re going to do so great. Hang in there and give it all you got! We’re rooting for you. 🙂

  4. Mo, even though we can’t tell if you look more like a weasel or a sloth… we still love you!

  5. Precious Mo, may you have a healthy and wonderful life back home, free and wild forever.

  6. I’m so happy to hear she was released? Thank you for the care. How is the tracker doing? Does it show you where she’s been hanging out?

  7. mo!! congratulations – you’re back home! stay safe out there, bud
    thank you to all that have cared for her and rehabilitated her. <3

  8. A long-distance hug to all who took part in the rescue and rehab of little Mo! Thanks for caring and for your precious work! ???

  9. Thanks for taking care of Mo :))
    I would like to know her tracking too ! Only can see the last tracking in 2019. Any updates ?

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