MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Mode of Transport: Pacific Coastal Airlines (21)

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2275 Venus Pie Harbour Seal 2022/08/05 Denman Island Marine mammal disturbance released
PV21109 Sauerkraut Harbour Seal 2021/08/18 Quadra Island Underweight; Maternal separation; 9 released
PV2197 Lil' Jimmy Harbour Seal 2021/08/04 Campbell River Maternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 6 released
PV2123 Penelope (Penny) Harbour Seal 2021/07/04 Seal Bay Maternal separation 1 3 released
PV2102 Marzipan Harbour Seal 2021/05/27 Port Hardy Maternal separation; human interference 2 19 deceased
EL2101 Quatse Sea Otter 2021/03/07 Port Hardy Maternal separation 2 31 transferred
PV2085 Mac Harbour Seal 2020/09/24 Comox Wounds; Underweight; 3 7 released
PV2054 Leila Harbour Seal 2020/07/29 Powell River Maternal separation 5 13 released
PV2031 Sammy Harbour Seal 2020/07/17 Port Hardy Maternal separation; Log boom 9 8 released
PV19109 Jelly Clarkson Harbour Seal 2019/09/15 Campbell River Maternal separation; Emaciated; 2 deceased
PV19106 Swimmy Fallon Harbour Seal 2019/09/01 Merville Emaciated 2 1 released
PV1999 Eminemone Harbour Seal 2019/08/19 Savary Island Maternal separation 5 20 released
PV1952 Mackerel-more Harbour Seal 2019/07/25 Bowser Wounds; Maternal separation 2 1 deceased
PV1948 Isla Fisher Harbour Seal 2019/07/22 Alert Bay Marine mammal disturbance; Emaciated; Maternal separation 2 2 deceased
PV1919 Pike Tyson Harbour Seal 2019/07/03 Glendale Cove Maternal separation; Lethargic 2 released
PV1918 Fin Diesel Harbour Seal 2019/07/03 Hardy Island Maternal separation; Lethargic 9 1 released
PV1915 Swim Shady Harbour Seal 2019/06/28 Savary Island Maternal separation 2 2 deceased
PV1910 Seal-ine Dion Harbour Seal 2019/06/21 Naden Harbour, Haida Gwaii Maternal separation 6 2 released
PV1905 Tuna Fey Harbour Seal 2019/06/02 Collision Point, Masset Maternal separation; Eye injury 4 released
PV1903 Dwayne Johnson (The Rockfish) Harbour Seal 2019/05/02 Prince Rupert Maternal separation; disturbance 4 released
CU1901 Mo Northern Fur Seal 2019/01/28 Hardwicke Island Failure to thrive 13 22 released