MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory


Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV21109

Admitted on: 2021/08/18

Collection Site: Quadra Island

Reason for Admission: Underweight; Maternal separation;

Weight at Admission: 11 kg

Patient Status: in care

Time in Care: 30 days

Current Habitat: In Quarantine

Every seal that arrives at the rescue centre is placed in a tub under quarantine. This is the first temporary home for each new arrival, where they remain for at least 14 days before they are moved to a larger tub.

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Pacific Coastal Airlines

Patient Progress

Milk Matrix Sauerkraut is being fed a milk formula that mimics the milk she would receive from her mother. This formula is high in fat and promotes weight gain. She will eventually be weaned onto fish.

Patient Updates

There are no updates for Sauerkraut yet, but we are working on it. Please check back soon...

Please do not contact the rescue centre for updates. The information published here is the latest, and we will publish more updates as they become available.

Guestbook for Sauerkraut

  1. Taku was born just outside the resort of the same name on Quadra Island on the dock where her mother was born, and probably her mother before her. She is grateful to Marine Mammal Rescue for all the loving care but wonders why everyone is calling her Sauerkraut.

    If wishes were fishes, I’d send her all she could eat.

  2. Met Sauerkraut at Taku, it was apparently born on the dock and was spending most of its time there…cordoned off from humans. We were told that mom was coming back each evening to nurse, though never saw this actually happen. Lucky for Sauerkraut, a marine biologist on holidays on Quadra came to assess her and ultimately rescued her. Fingers crossed she does well. Happy to share photos if this would be useful.

  3. Aw… I’ve been so worried about this little one! We had been seeing her every day on the kayak dock at the marina for almost a week, all by herself, with no mama in sight and I just couldn’t keep watching her deteriorate. I keep hoping mom was coming at night to feed her, but I was sceptical. Plus, there were so many (understandably) curious onlookers and loose dogs on the dogs around all the time. I lost quite a lot of sleep worrying about her! I’ve been checking your site every day since I called you, I’m so happy that she is in your care. 😊.

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