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Spicy Meatball

Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV21110

Admitted on: 2021/08/18

Collection Site: Spanish Banks

Reason for Admission: Underweight; Marine mammal disturbance;

Weight at Admission: 8 kg

Patient Status: in care

Time in Care: 68 days (2 months, 1 week)

Current Habitat: Cali Pool

This is a pre-release pool. Animals that have already demonstrated that they can eat fish on their own are placed in a larger pool where they can learn how to compete for fish and socialize with other harbour seals.

Also in Cali Pool with Spicy Meatball:Selkie Dawn, Hot Fuzz

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Staff

Patient Progress

Milk Matrix Spicy Meatball is being fed a milk formula that mimics the milk she would receive from her mother. This formula is high in fat and promotes weight gain. She will eventually be weaned onto fish.

Patient Updates

There are no updates for Spicy Meatball yet, but we are working on it. Please check back soon...

Please do not contact the rescue centre for updates. The information published here is the latest, and we will publish more updates as they become available.

Guestbook for Spicy Meatball

  1. Hello little spicy meatball! You look like a little firecracker! Get well soon beautiful baby seal❤️

  2. Hi little one! We found you at Spanish Banks and called for your help and made sure nobody came too close and that volleyballs didn’t hit you! I hope you are okay and will be great soon and released to maybe find your mom one day! 😢 ❤️

  3. Hi there Spicy Meatball, aren’t you the cutest. Looks like you’ve had an interesting 1st few weeks of life and might want to learn to play volleyball when you feeling 100%. You’ve been at MMRC for 42 days so I bet you have grown bigger and bigger and are getting healthier every day. Eat your fishes and drink your milk so you can feel your best. Sending you lots of love.

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