MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Mode of Transport: Staff (52)

Transported by MMR staff in private vehicle

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2309 Pirate Rock Harbour Seal 2023/06/28 Tillbury Island Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2307 Storm Rock Harbour Seal 2023/06/26 White Rock Maternal Separation 4 1 released
PV2261 Kit Kat Harbour Seal 2022/07/27 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Maternal separation released
PV2252 Cranachan Harbour Seal 2022/07/24 Crescent Beach Maternal separation 2 deceased
PV2230 Eccles Cake Harbour Seal 2022/07/11 Main Street Dock Maternal separation released
PV2219 Ike Harbour Seal 2022/07/03 Wreck Beach - Mouth of Fraser River Log boom 1 released
PV2218 Mike Harbour Seal 2022/07/03 Wreck Beach - Mouth of Fraser River Log boom 1 released
PV2217 Snickers Harbour Seal 2022/07/02 Deas Island Dehydrated 1 released
PV2204 Cupcake Harbour Seal 2022/06/11 Harrison Lake Maternal separation 5 deceased
PV21110 Spicy Meatball Harbour Seal 2021/08/18 Spanish Banks Underweight; Marine mammal disturbance; 6 released
PV21103 Fish Crackers Harbour Seal 2021/08/08 Squamish Emaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 4 released
PV21100 Big Willy Harbour Seal 2021/08/06 Wreck Beach Marine mammal disturbance released
PV2190 Seaweed Harbour Seal 2021/08/02 Beach Grove Maternal separation; Underweight; 1 9 released
PV2177 Tugboat Franky Harbour Seal 2021/07/27 Fraser River Eye injury; Maternal separation; 4 deceased
PV2145 Seal O Green Harbour Seal 2021/07/14 Deep Cove Maternal separation 1 4 released
PV2144 Jools Harbour Seal 2021/07/14 Tsawwassen Beach Maternal separation 2 3 released
PV2143 Tanto Harbour Seal 2021/07/14 Indian Arm Maternal separation; Emaciated; 2 deceased
PV2137 Lou Harbour Seal 2021/07/13 Deep Cove Maternal separation 1 4 released
PV2135 Sloppy Joe Harbour Seal 2021/07/12 Boundary Bay Maternal separation 1 2 released
PV2129 Barnacle Bill Harbour Seal 2021/07/09 Tsawwassen Beach Marine mammal disturbance; Maternal separation; 1 5 released
PV2128 Benedict Harbour Seal 2021/07/08 Boundary Bay Underweight; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 1 3 deceased
PV2127 Guapa Harbour Seal 2021/07/07 Stanley Park Marine mammal disturbance 2 5 released
PV2122 Fenway Harbour Seal 2021/07/03 West Bay Emaciated; Marine mammal disturbance; Maternal separation 2 4 released
PV2118 Kenneth Harbour Seal 2021/06/26 Deep Cove Marine mammal disturbance 2 9 released
PV2117 Tiny Tony Harbour Seal 2021/06/27 Rocky Point, Port Moody Underweight; Maternal separation; 2 2 released
PV2115 Jerry Harbour Seal 2021/06/24 Boundary Bay Maternal separation 3 3 released
PV2110 Candy Corn Harbour Seal 2021/06/13 Boundary Bay Maternal separation 2 4 released
PV2107 Scrambled Egg Harbour Seal 2021/06/11 White Rock Maternal separation 5 9 released
PV2102 Marzipan Harbour Seal 2021/05/27 Port Hardy Maternal separation; human interference 2 19 deceased
PV2083 Spiny Kobi Harbour Seal 2020/09/15 Jericho Beach Eye injury; Emaciated; 5 16 released
PV2082 Guadalupe Harbour Seal 2020/09/07 Stanley Park Lethargic; Failure to Thrive 5 deceased
PV2055 Leolah Harbour Seal 2020/07/29 Vancouver Rowing Club Maternal separation; Underweight 3 deceased
PV2053 Stella Harbour Seal 2020/07/29 Tannery Park - Surrey Maternal separation; Dehydrated 4 1 released
PV2029 Floyd Harbour Seal 2020/07/17 Boundary Bay Maternal separation; Dehydrated; Underweight 4 6 released
PV2023 Wolfe McTam Harbour Seal 2020/07/12 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Maternal separation; Underweight; 5 2 released
PV2021 Hilda Pearl Harbour Seal 2020/07/10 Qualicum Beach Maternal separation; Underweight 5 deceased
PV2020 Chantel Harbour Seal 2020/07/10 Tsawassen Ferry Terminal Maternal separation; Eye injury 3 3 released
PV2015 Beau Harbour Seal 2020/07/05 Blackie Spit, Surrey Maternal separation; Underweight 6 4 released
PV2011 Loomster Harbour Seal 2020/06/29 White Rock Emaciated; Marine mammal disturbance 5 9 released
PV19104 Krill I Am Harbour Seal 2019/08/31 Mosquito Creek Marina, North Vancouver Maternal separation; Underweight 1 2 deceased
PV19101 Ja-Cod Tremblay Harbour Seal 2019/08/26 Beach Grove, Tsawwassen Underweight; Wounds; Maternal separation 3 1 released
PV1989 Emily Carp Harbour Seal 2019/08/09 North Shore Shipyards Maternal separation; Emaciated 2 1 released
PV1987 Paris Krillton Harbour Seal 2019/08/08 Vanier Park Marine mammal disturbance 2 released
PV1974 Paul McCarpney Harbour Seal 2019/08/01 MacAuley Point, Victoria Maternal separation 1 released
PV1963 Tom Cruiseship Harbour Seal 2019/07/29 White Rock Maternal separation 1 released
PV1942 Fishy Tegan Harbour Seal 2019/07/21 False Creek Maternal separation; Dehydrated 3 released
PV1938 Roe Paul Harbour Seal 2019/07/19 Dundarave Beach, West Vancouver Maternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 3 released
PV1935 Reef Witherspoon Harbour Seal 2019/07/17 Boundary Bay Maternal separation; Underweight 2 released
PV1930 Betty Whitefish Harbour Seal 2019/07/16 Crescent Beach Maternal separation; Eye injury 1 released
PV1922 Scuba Gooding Jr. Harbour Seal 2019/07/10 Tsawwassen Maternal separation; Emaciated 3 1 released
PV1909 Prince Herring Harbour Seal 2019/06/20 Crescent Beach Maternal separation; Placenta attached 3 1 released
PV1904 Stanley Shark Harbour Seal 2019/06/01 Stanley Park, Vancouver Maternal separation; lethargic 2 deceased