MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Hilda Pearl

Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV2021

Admitted on: 2020/07/10

Collection Site: Qualicum Beach

Reason for Admission: Maternal separation; Underweight

Weight at Admission: 6.68 kg

Patient Status: deceased

Date of Death: 2020/07/11

Time in Care: 1 day

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Staff

Patient Updates

Hilda Pearl died on 2020/07/11 after 1 day in our care.

Guestbook for Hilda Pearl

  1. So sad – we saw her on the beach and one lady in particular, tried to maintain a 50 ft distance from dogs and people. We spent several hours down there and I got many pictures of her. Thank you also to NIWRA for helping rescue her even though it was in vain.

  2. So very sad to see the cutest Hilda Pearl has passed away. I watched her climbing up the beach when high tide came along then courageously try to go out to sea the next day at low tide. She must have travelled about 200 feet to the low tide line then rested on the the beach all day. It was a joint effort to keep off-leash dogs and curious children away from her. As high tide approached yet again she bravely made her way back to the shore as the water crept in behind her. All the while she was still alert. Unknowing to the observers on the beach she was possibly injured as well as being separated from her mom. The rescue effort the following morning was more than welcome. Thanks to the NIRA for carefully retrieving this lovely creature and to the MMR for their loving care and comfort during her short time at the rescue centre. It was such a relief knowing Hilda Pearl was not alone or did not suffer at sea.

  3. RIP Hilda <3 Thank you for for being there for her in her time of need.

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