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Spiny Kobi

Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV2083

Admitted on: 2020/09/15

Collection Site: Jericho Beach

Reason for Admission: Eye injury; Emaciated;

Weight at Admission: 6.23 kg

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 132 days (4 months, 1 week, 3 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Staff


Release Date: 2021/01/25

Release Site: Brunswick Beach

Release Weight: 29.25 kg

Patient Updates

Spiny Kobi was released after 132 days in our care.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

Spiny Kobi has had quite the hectic start to his little life. Now, down to just one eye, but feisty as ever, he is well above release weight and very ready to head back into the wild. He has been quite the solitary seal during his time at the rescue centre, however in the past month he befriended both Mac and Sammy and genuinely seemed to enjoy their company. He is a great competitor during meal times, although he does share a few too many of his fish with the nearby seagulls. Spiny will be released alongside Sammy and they are the last two seals left on site. Goodbye and good luck Spiny!

Spiny is in a pre release pool but still has a while to go before he’s big enough for release. Spiny’s favourite hobby is to watch his care takers work from the dry comfort of his haul out. Having only one eye does not stop Spiny from being the fastest fish eater in his entire pool. When bored he likes to try and nibble on his neighbour Bob’s flippers through the fence that divides their pools.

Small but mighty! As per his name, Spiny Kobi is a true Spinosaurus. He may be the smallest seal on site but he makes up for it with his feistiness, and he likes to show of his rows of teeth to anyone who passes by. Only having one eye has not slowed him down in the slightest, he is lightning fast when it comes to catching and eating his fish. Although he loves to swim and explore his pool, Spiny enjoys spending the majority of his spare time lying on his haul out under the warmth of his heat lamp – especially on a frosty day!

Spiny is eating fish on his own now ─ and putting on some weight!

Spiny still has a ways to go in his rehabilitation process. He is bright and feisty and loves his swims, but hasn’t quite figured out how to eat fish yet!

Guestbook for Spiny Kobi

  1. Spiny Kobi, good luck in quarantine! Hope you are doing well there and showing hopeful signs for future treatment! Sending love ❤️!! Thank you to the rescuers and the people who are watching over, right now.

  2. Hugs to you Spiny! You’re in good hands, wishing you the best in your recovery! You are loved! xoxo

  3. Hi Spiny Kobi, you were named by my son and he hopes that you’ll get better soon and be released back into the wild once you recover!

  4. Have a good time and hope you do great in Fish School, Spiny Kobi!!! You got this!

  5. Hello Spiny Kobi cuttie little seal. You are so handsome already, imagine when you grow stronger. You have an amazing team by your side and all my love and prayers. ? xxx

  6. “Hi Spiny Kobi, I gave you that name, you are named after my sister Kobi (I gave her that name too), and I love Spinosaurus! I love you! I was fundraising for you for my 5th birthday my mom and dad, grandpa, grandma, and friends helped me. I fundraised $1000 for 4 month! I told people I didn’t want presents, and wanted to save a baby seal! Do the fishes swim away from you at fish school? Do they bonk you? in the head?” Koen xoxoxo

  7. Hi Spiny Kobi! Hope your eye injury is healing & you are doing well at VA! I know they will give you the best care and help you get stronger and stronger. Good luck learning to eat your fishes…”One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish” LOL. Keep swimming and being feisty and know that you are loved. Lots of love coming your way sweet Seal!!

  8. I’m so happy to hear you’re eating in your own now! Can’t wait to see more updated pictures of you!

  9. Spiny Kobi, did you swim with floating pumpkins and go ‘fish and treat’? I think I saw your picture for Halloween!

  10. hi, Spiny Kobi! I just wanted to tell you that you’re loved by so many people all over the world. I wish you and all the other living beings at MMR all the best, always!
    thank you guys so much for taking care of these little angels.
    sending you tons of love from Brazil! <3

  11. Just checking in to see how you are doing Spiny Kobi. Looks like you are still healing and getting stronger and stronger and the caretakers at MMR are taking good care of you. You are in the best place and people all over the world love and support you. Happy 2021 and I bet your back to our Ocean home very soon. Take care and be well until then!!

  12. Hi there my seal friend. Hope you are feeling well and have been eating lots of fish. They will help you gain strength so you can grow even bigger & swim even faster. Sending you big fat virtual hugs and lots and lots of love. You are doing great, keep up the good work.

  13. Spiny Kobi I love you so much. Are you back in the ocean? Does your eye hurt right now? The doctors weren’t able to give you a musk-ox eye or another eye from another seal? I really love you, but you know that already.

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