MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Pygmy Tarsier

Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV1961

Admitted on: 2019/07/29

Collection Site: Moresby Island

Reason for Admission: Maternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated

Weight at Admission: 7.6 kg

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 206 days (6 months, 3 weeks, 2 days)

Transfer History

Received from: IWNCC

Original Admission: 2019/07/23

Weight at Admission: 5.7 kg

Mode of Transport: Harbour Air


Release Date: 2020/02/20

Release Site: Brunswick Beach

Release Weight: 34.6 kg

Patient Updates

Pygmy Tarsier was released after 206 days in our care.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

Pygmy's eye seems to be healing well and she's getting quite round!

Pygmy has had eye surgery, and following recovery, she is now back in a bigger pool.

After another very short stay in a larger pool, Pygmy is once again alone, in a smaller pool, as her fish school skills apparently weren't enough to help her compete for food with other pups. Competition just isn't her thing... yet.

Aaaaaaand Pygmy is back in a blue tub. She didn't do too well a pool yet and probably needs to work on her fish school skills.

We're being told that Pygmy seems to like to be showered with water. There'll be less of that, now that she's been moved to a pool. But we're sure she'll find something else to keep herself occupied...

Pygmy is veeeeeery slowly learning how to eat fish. She still needs assistance, but she's a quick study. She'll get there.

Pygmy really doesn't like her tube-feeds... so we can't wait for her to start fish school!

Pygmy Tarsier seems to be enjoying her baths.

Guestbook for Pygmy Tarsier

  1. Pygmy, we all love you so much—have relished every one of your adorable photos, from your “baby pictures” to your “prosperous” adolescent ones—but we are torn: of course we want you to get all better and be able to be released back into your ocean home, but we also would love to see you become a permanent resident in the aquarium, so we could visit you.

  2. We were so happy to hear the bittersweet news of your release, Pygmy—all the more so when we learned that you and your dear friend Polar Bear had each other to lean on during your release. God speed, little angels—and the other four who also accompanied you (we all hope poor little Armadillo successfully negotiates her re-release this time around) ???!

  3. Dear Pygmy,

    We hope you are thriving in your ocean home. We just wanted to follow up on our previous entries into your “Guestbook” by telling you that, in response to the MMRC’s plea for help to re-open this year, we made our donation to the centre by formally “adopting” you–and are delighted to have learned that the centre was able to raise more money than it needed to re-open in just 48 hours. And don’t worry; we will continue to support you and your various friends, both old and new, to convey to the wonderful people at the MMRC just how much we appreciate their efforts to give harbor seals and other marine mammals like you a second chance at life when you are in distress.

    Much love,

    Kathy, Christopher/cheoah17, and Katy

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