VAMMR Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory


Patient Record

Species: Steller Sea Lion

Patient ID: EJ2202

Admitted on: 2022/03/18

Collection Site: Kits Beach, Vancouver

Reason for Admission: Gunshot wounds

Weight at Admission: 75 kg

Patient Status: deceased

Date of Death: 2022/04/22

Time in Care: 35 days (1 month, 4 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: MMR Ambulance


"Pretzel" was admitted with gunshot wounds to the head after being observed by a member of the public. As a result of the wounds she sustained, Pretzel is at least partially blind.

Patient Updates

Pretzel died on 2022/04/22 after 35 days in our care.

"Despite the team's best efforts, Pretzel was never able to eat fish on her own. With a poor prognosis and a poor quality of life, she was humanely euthanized."

Staff are still working to stabilize the animal before attempting to work on further diagnostics later this week.

Guestbook for Pretzel

  1. Dear Pretzel,
    My heart breaks for you, that due to gun shot wounds you are going through this horrible ordeal! Please, know that all humans are not the same! Just know, that you are now surrounded by the kindest people who are attempting to make you comfortable and get you better. Be strong sweetheart! A lot of people are rooting for you, as well as myself! Prayers and much love, ❤️ ❤️

  2. Hello darling Pretzel, I’m so sorry to hear about your injuries 🙁 Wishing you a smooth, safe, and speedy recovery! I will keep you in my thoughts ♥

  3. Precious Pretzel, I wish you all the strength necessary for a speedy recovery. I trust that the dedication and care of the wonderful staff at MMR will contribute greatly at making you feel better and stronger with each passing day…

  4. Pretzel! I’m so sorry humans hurt you. 😢 Please trust the ones taking care of you now, they’ll help you heal and get better in no time. ❤️🥨

  5. Sending love and prayers for you to get through this and feel all better. You are in the best place for care because MMRC will give you all the help you need. Take care sweet Pretzel

  6. Dear Pretzel, I am keeping you in my thoughts, as I so hope that you can heal from these terrible injuries you have received. Know that you are being looked after by kind and caring people at MMRC. Be strong, sweetheart! ❤️

  7. Dear Pretzel, I hope you feel better soon and get lots of nice fishy treats – Love Desmond (aged 5)

  8. Hi Pretzel- Checking on you so hope you are feeling better sweetie pie

  9. Hi Pretzel- I see the wonderful staff at MMRC posted more pictures of you. They are doing their best to help you heal so thank you for trusting them. It breaks my heart that you have to suffer from someone else’s hate. I am sending you prayers and love to put positive energy in the universe for you. You are doing great so please be strong and know that you are loved by people all over the world. Be well precious Pretzel.

  10. Dear Pretzel,

    Wish you a speedy recovery and may you have an amazing life. Take care and wishing you good health & happiness. Saying prayers for you everyday.

  11. Pretzel, you are in good hands with the staff there. Keeping good wishes for a full recovery.

  12. sending all my healing energy to you. I hope humans can eventually evolve beyond such wanton cruelty and never ever do such things again. Have a wonderful future. Love to you, Jorie

  13. Dear Pretzel:

    So happy you are recovering from your injuries. I was at Kits Beach that day, March 18th, when the Marine Mammal Rescue Team managed to save you. I watched them put you in a huge carry cage.for transportation. I got as close as I could to you and sent you healing Reiki energy. Have been sending it eversince. I hope you continue to heal and recover. Barra

  14. It is with great sadness, that I learned Pretzel had died, when I came to see how she was progressing. I know in my heart, she was given the best care by the good people at MMRC . Like others I’m sure, we were cautiously optimistic that after the time that had passed, that Pretzel may pull through. It wasn’t meant to be! What makes me angry is with the person who illegally shot Pretzel, and put her through this whole ordeal! Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time nor will it be the last time! Pretzel, at least you are out of pain and you can RIP. You were loved by many good humans! 💔 😢

  15. So sorry to hear that Pretzel has died. I know he received the best care, love and attention from the wonderful people at Marine Mammal Rescue and would not have suffered. If he had not been rescued who knows how long he would have been in the ocean and very vulnerable. Thank you to the Marine Mammal Rescue team and God Bless You Pretzel. Barb

  16. Rest in peace and be free, dear Pretzel. May you only have much love and happiness from now on, wherever you are.

  17. Pretzel,
    Such cruelty is shameful.A victim of a kind of war for what purpose? Whether it was blood sport or “trophy hunting” or or or please forgive our race.It is possible this human has also suffered heart breaking tragedies in life and has simply emulated or paid it forward.With kindness, compassion,and empathy RIP.

  18. Oh gosh, it makes me so sad to know Pretzel didn’t make it. Thank you MMRC for giving her the best medical care and attention. Thankfully she is no longer suffering or in pain. She is free to live her best life in Sea Lion Heaven. Sending you Heavenly love and Rest in Peace precious girl.

  19. Dear Pretzel,

    My heart is broken for you. I am so sorry that you had to endure suffering in your short life. I am sorry on behalf of humans everywhere, we are a greedy, entitled species and I’m sorry for how you and other animals have been treated.
    Thank you to the staff at the MMRC for trying to help this sweet girl. I am grateful that you are no longer suffering and that you can Rest In Peace now.

  20. This is so tragic this poor little innocent sea lion had to go through the so much suffering she was a strong little girl laid on those rocks for who knows how long suffering because of a dead beat human a poor little sea lion shot she didn’t stand a chance I hope for whoever shot her gets back the pain she suffered big man with a gun you wimp so sad we all loved you pretzel an we are all sorry for the pain you endured rest in peace you were so besutiful

  21. rest in peace, little sweetheart. may you have a much longer, more prosperous life wherever you decide to go next. </3

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