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Patient Record

Species: California Sea Lion

Patient ID: ZC1901

Admitted on: 2019/11/26

Collection Site: Powell River

Reason for Admission: Puncture wound; Dehydrated; Underweight

Weight at Admission: ──

Patient Status: released

Time in Care: 126 days (4 months, 4 days)

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: BC Ferries, MMR Ambulance


Release Date: 2020/03/31

Release Site: Blackie Spit

Satellite Tracking: View Tracking Map


Archie was found on a log boom in Powell River with injuries from a crossbow. He was underweight and dehydrated and had a severe puncture wound from the arrow. An older California Sea Lion, Archie weighs about 250 kg. He was named Archie as a tribute to boat operator Archie Kenmuir of Jepson Mobile Booming, who first found him.

Patient Updates

Archie was released after 126 days in our care.

Archie was released with a satellite tag. You can open the tracking map to track their movements.

You can see the list of all animals released at this release in the release record.

Archie continues to make good progress. He's now eating 16 kg of herring per day.

Archie is now eating and impressive 12 kg fish per day. He's perked up a lot, and definitely likes his feeds!

Archie is now getting 6 kg of fish per day! That's a very good sign.

Archie is eating and seems fairly responsive. More diagnostics will be performed next week.

Archie is being treated with antibiotics and pain medication. There are also problems with his eyes, which may have been damaged by old gunshot wounds previously. He is already eating some herring, which is a good sign and an important first step for him.

Guestbook for Archie

  1. Sending tons of love and positive healing vibes to precious Archie for his fullest possible recovery from his terrible wounds inflicted by human evil. Big thanks to the wonderful team of caring and capable people who joined together to bring him into the Centre and who are providing him with expert treatment.

  2. How great to hear the encouraging news that precious Archie is eating heartily and has a seal pool-pal! It was heartbreaking to read in the Aquablog about him also having eye damage and embedded pellets in his head from a prior gunshot to the face. As an older sea lion, having been victimized so terribly by more than one act of human cruelty, Archie deserves a safe future free from fear and torment. I am extremely grateful to everyone at the Centre who are doing their very best to help him heal! Sending Archie tons of love and good vibes every day!

  3. Many thanks for sharing this very encouraging news about precious Archie. I eagerly await and appreciate these progress updates so much! It is truly wonderful to know he is continuing to heal and recover. I am so grateful to everyone at the Centre, and am sending loads of loving vibes to Archie, as always!

  4. Precious Archie, I’m thinking of you with lots of love and hoping that every day of your treatment is bringing you closer to optimum health. May God protect you and bless you with the most complete recovery and the most excellent outcome possible. Sending tons of love to you, and deepest gratitude to everyone at the Centre who is caring for you with expertise and compassion.

  5. I am continuing to think of precious Archie and pray for his recovery every single day! May God always bless, protect, and heal Archie, and grant him the very best possible outcome. May God bless, protect, and guide the wonderful people of the Centre who are continuing to take care of Archie during this terrible COVID-19 crisis. I appreciate and am grateful for the ongoing attention being devoted to Archie and his care more than words could ever say. Sending tons of love, positive thoughts, and healing vibes to darling Archie!

  6. Is there any way to track these humans who harm marine mammals? They should be punished.

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