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Harbour Seal

Dory is the first harbour seal pup ever to be born at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. Her mother Donnelly was admitted pregnant, in critical condition with severe injuries. Staff worked hard to safe both, the mother and her unborn pup.


Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Moira, a loggerhead sea turtle was found in critical condition in a kelp bed near Pedder Bay, BC. She represents only the second reported sighting of a loggerhead sea turtle in BC waters.


Sea Otter

Quatse was found without her mother; a few months old, but still fully dependent on her for survival. She was rescued from a beach in Port Hardy.

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2403 Poppy Harbour Seal 2024/06/01 Port Hardy, BC Maternal separation; Underweight; Dehydrated 1 in care
PV2402 Gustav Harbour Seal 2024/05/28 Mosquito Creek Marina Maternal separation, Placenta attached. 1 4 in care
PV2401 Nelson Harbour Seal 2024/05/27 White Rock, BC Maternal separation, Underweight and Dehydrated 1 4 deceased
CC2401 Moira Loggerhead Sea Turtle 2024/02/04 Pedder Bay, BC Cold-shocked and Hyperthermic 2 3 in care

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