MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Patients by species 9 patients on site, 11 admitted in season 2019.

Harbour Seal  811

Phoca vitulina

Northern Fur Seal  1

Callorhinus ursinus

List of patients

Photo ID Name Species Sex Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission Updates Status
PV1910 Seal-ine Dion Harbour Seal female 2019/06/21 Naden Harbour, Haida Gwaii Maternal separation in care
PV1909 Prince Herring Harbour Seal male 2019/06/20 Crescent Beach Maternal separation; Placenta attached. in care
PV1908 Meghan Mackerel Harbour Seal female 2019/06/18 Sidney Spit Maternal separation in care
PV1907 Mussel Crowe Harbour Seal male 2019/06/12 Sooke Maternal separation in care
PV1906 Leonardo DiPuprio Harbour Seal male 2019/06/11 Belcarra Maternal separation in care
PV1905 Tuna Fey Harbour Seal female 2019/06/02 Collision Point, Masset Maternal separation; Eye injury; 1 in care
PV1904 Stanley Shark Harbour Seal male 2019/06/01 Stanley Park, Vancouver Maternal separation; lethargic deceased
PV1903 Dwayne Johnson (The Rockfish) Harbour Seal male 2019/05/02 Prince Rupert Maternal separation; disturbance 2 in care
PV1902 Jessica Seal (Jess) Harbour Seal female 2019/02/18 Kitsilano Eye injuries; underweight 5 in care
PV1901 Baked Alaska (BA) Harbour Seal female 2019/02/07 Gabriola Island Failure to thrive, respiratory symptoms 6 released
CU1901 Mo Northern Fur Seal female 2019/01/28 Hardwicke Island Failure to thrive 13 in care

Patients by habitat

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