VAMMR Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory


Patient Record

Species: Sea Otter

Patient ID: EL2002

Admitted on: 2020/09/05

Collection Site: Long Beach, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Reason for Admission: Non-ambulatory; unable to move hind limbs

Weight at Admission: 25 kg

Patient Status: deceased

Date of Death: 2020/09/12

Time in Care: 7 days

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Parks Canada, Harbour Air


Arlo, estimated to be a young adult, was found at the high tide line, unable to move his hind limbs, and shortly after transported to the rescue centre with the help of Parks Canada and Harbour Air. A first exam at the rescue centre also revealed a swollen front-left paw.

Patient Updates

Arlo died on 2020/09/12 after 7 days in our care.

"Sadly, Arlo passed away overnight. Following his admission to the rescue centre, staff focused on stabilizing him and assessing his condition. Preliminary blood results showed some complications of the liver, and he also showed some neurological symptoms. On Thursday, his condition began to worsen and Arlo refused all food and did not want to get into his pool. Biopsy samples of the liver were taken for analysis and staff administered fluids and medication, but Arlo deteriorated quickly despite the team's best efforts to save his life."

Guestbook for Arlo

  1. Arlo you beautiful sea otter <3 !!! I hope you recover well and quickly!
    Can't wait to have updates!

  2. Get well and healthy Arlo! You’re definitely in good hands, and being well cared for. I’m so glad to hear your story and prayers for miraculous healing! Thanks to all the humans who are helping with these precious animals. Not sure if you will meet Joey or get released but you have a ton of support.

  3. Rooting for you Arlo! I pray you recover in good time and that you feel the amount of love you’re surrounded by. Above and beyond work for everyone who is helping Arlo and thank you very much!! I hope he can thrive, and be a healthy, and happy sea otter again soon.

  4. Hello Arlo, you beautiful baby boy! I love you and I’ll keep seeing you good vibes and lots of prayers. You’ll be just fine, you were found in time because you were meant to b me cared for and get better. I hope you heal real soon and can go back home to the sea you love and where you family and friends are waiting!

  5. Hope your paw and any other hurt parts are feeling better, Arlo. You are a sweet innocent sea animal and the rescue center is the best place for you to be. They will take the best care of you and make your life the best it can be. I’m happy to follow your story and am sending love, prayers and healing thoughts all the way from Texas. People all over the world will learn about your story so your heart should be full for a long long time. Be well & stay strong my otter friend.

  6. Prayers and Best Wishes for you Arlo. Thank you MMRC for tending to Arlo – You folks ROCK!

  7. Sending prayers and positive healthy thoughts in your direction Arlo. Stay strong big guy. You are surrounded by good loving people.

  8. Sending you extra love, prayers and healthy wishes sweet Arlo. Hope you aren’t in pain & know you are being well taken care of during this tough time. Hope & good wishes to you Mr. Arlo!!

  9. I’m so sorry that Arlo wasn’t able to recover ? Thank you to the MMR staff for fighting so hard to save him.

  10. Arlo, I’m so sorry that you are gone! You touched many people’s lives, even those who never met you. Heaven got a wiggly angel and I’m sure you are all healed now. Rest in peace little one and know you were, and are, loved! xoxo

  11. I’m so sorry, Arlo. You’ll always be in my heart. Thanks to MMR for trying to save him. <3 You are awesome!

  12. Angel Arlo, I’m sorry we didn’t get to know you better but now you won’t have anymore pain. I know the team tried their best, and was touched by you while you were in their care. You can rest now sweet boy.?

  13. Rest in peace sweet Arlo. I’m sure you’re watching over Joey and all the other otters from where you are in otter heaven. Always thinking of you <3

  14. I’m so very sorry you are not here anymore, Arlo. Rest in peace, sweet little one. No more pain for you. Now you can do and eat whatever and when ever you want. Many of us here love you.
    Thanks to all at the Marine Mammal Centre. Your are all wonderful people that remind me that even though some people do horrible things on this earth, there are still wonderful, loving humans around me.

  15. I had adopted Arlo so I am especially saddened by this news. In his short time he touched many lives. Thank you to the team for all you did to try to save Arlo.

  16. Dearest Arlo,
    My heart aches so much for you tonight. I pray you are happier and safe forever above. You were loved so much by everyone and especially the people who looked after you each day. Love you Arlo and give you so many loving hugs. Praying for you always still.

    Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, and people who have helped him so perseveringly. He wouldn’t have made it this far without you. The love and care he was surrounded by and given before he left was bigger than the whole ocean. That’s the kind of love everyone wants to have and Arlo was so blessed to have had it.

  17. So sad to hear that Arlo passed away 🙁 rest in peace little guy, hope you didn’t suffer to much… thank you to all the staff for the wonderful job that you did for him!

  18. Dear dear Arlo,

    I really really wanted you to make it, I needed you to, and to go back into the water, but you must’ve been hurting really bad, and I’m so sorry you had to go through so much pain.
    Now you’re in heaven makIng it a happier place. But you were not alone. Your carers loved you, and people all Over the world love you so so much.
    Rest now baby boy, Xx

  19. Arlo, I’m sorry you weren’t able to recover. I’m grateful that there were warm hands and loving kindness to usher you to the rainbow bridge.

  20. Sweet Arlo,
    So sad to see yesterday that you were critical, and even more sad today to see that you have passed away. Play happily forever in otter valhalla furry friend.

  21. Rest in peace Arlo. There’s no more pain where you are. You will always be in my heart. Bless you big guy.

  22. Rest in peace Arlo. There’s no more pain where you are. You will always be in my heart. Bless your precious heart big guy.

  23. Rip Arlo. I’m sadden by this news but take some comfort that you were surrounded by the most caring team. I hope the little time you spent at MMR leaves a lasting legacy that the work continues on.

  24. Sweet Arlo, I am sure you are now having fun reunited with your family and friends in heaven. We will be missing you cute little buddy.

  25. Arlo, you were in pain but now the pain is over. ? We thought you could fight through but I guess you just wanted to let go. I’m sorry little buddy, it’s never easy to see an animal go. Rest In Peace little guy. Your in our hearts. ??

  26. Sweet Arlo, I lost my own fur baby to liver disease. Know you were in the best possible hands, prior to your untimely death. Rest in peace, among the gentle waves of your heaven.

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