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Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV2005

Admitted on: 2020/06/17

Collection Site: Sooke

Reason for Admission: Maternal separation; Dehydrated; Facial injuries

Weight at Admission: 7.3 kg

Patient Status: in care

Time in Care: 59 days (1 month, 4 weeks)

Current Habitat: Orca Pool

This is a pool designed to accommodate cetaceans, e. g. harbour porpoise. It is also used as the largest pre-release pool, holding 160,000 litres of water. When used for harbour seal pups, those who have made it this far will soon be released. They have already demonstrated that they can eat fish on their own and compete with others. They are probably already tagged as well. Now they only need to gain a little bit of weight.

Also in Orca Pool with Lisa:Dougie, Sam, Beau, Alice Chanel, Ligo, Loomster, Peachie, MWP, Dexter, HF Justin Turbot

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Harbour Air

Symbolic Adoption

You can help us care for Lisa and the more than 100 marine mammals we rescue, rehabilitate and release every year by symbolically adopting her today with a small donation to the rescue centre.

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Patient Progress

Pre-Release Pool Lisa has demonstrated that she is confident eating fish on her own and that she can compete for food with other harbour seals. She has been moved to a larger pool where she can further test and improve her skills. She will move between pools as she progresses further and develops her skills until she reaches her release weight. It can take just a few weeks or several months before a patient is ready for release, depending on health status and treatment plan, weight gain and transport availability.

Patient Updates

Lisa has shed nearly all her lanugo. What's left is her actual fur coat...

Lisa is looking pretty good these days, and is much more alert. But she's still tiny and needs a lot of sleep, so we rarely get to take a snapshot like this one...

This is day 2 for Lisa at the rescue centre, and she seems to be most comfortable under her heat lamp. She is currently housed in the comfort aisle of our quarantine area and being monitored closely.

Guestbook for Lisa

  1. Hi sweet baby!!
    I helped rescue you yesterday with my friends, we are so pleased to see you are doing well, we named you Sookie as you were rescued from the Sooke Harbor, but I see you are now a Lisa, we wish you all the best and hope very much that you stay strong!
    I’m very happy to know that we can follow your progress on here.
    Stay well sweet little one!

  2. Awe look at that beautiful face!! Glad to see that you are doing better little one. My friends and I helped rescue you yesterday from the Sooke harbor where you SO desperately wanted to just come up on the deck with us and be helped!! SO glad that we can follow your progress and glad that we were able to help get you rescued!! You will always be Sookie to us….as you were rescued in the Sooke Hatbour!! Hang in there little one…..hoping you make a full recovery as you have a lot of life yet to live!! Stay strong Lisa aka Sookie xoxo

  3. Oh Sookie (Lisa), I am so happy to see that you are doing better after my friends and I helped you get rescued! It made me so sad to see you in distress, crying out and frantically trying to get up on the dock to us. I wanted to pick you up out of the water because it broke my heart but I know better than to impose on nature. We left that to the professionals. Wishing you a long, happy life full of friends and lots of fish!

  4. This pup is named for my sister, who is in Arizona and definitely missing Vancouver. Having a little namesake at MMR will make her feel a little closer:) Thank you to the group of friends who who helped Lisa (aka Sookie.) Hopefully she can feel us all cheering her on!

  5. Hi little baby! I adopted you for Father’s day! I can’t wait to see how you become a big baby seal! Love you!!!

  6. Sweet Little One, it has been quite a while since we have gotten an update, I hope all is well and they are just waiting until you are no longer in quarantine.

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