MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

HF Justin Turbot

Patient Record

Species: Harbour Seal

Patient ID: PV2007

Admitted on: 2020/06/23

Collection Site: Kitty Bay

Reason for Admission: Maternal separation; Dehydrated

Weight at Admission: 7.15 kg

Patient Status: in care

Time in Care: 23 days

Current Habitat: In Quarantine

Every seal that arrives at the rescue centre is placed in a tub under quarantine. This is the first temporary home for each new arrival, where they remain for at least 14 days before they are moved to a larger tub.

Transfer History

Received from: (Direct to MMR)

Mode of Transport: Harbour Air

Symbolic Adoption

You can help us care for HF Justin Turbot and the more than 100 marine mammals we rescue, rehabilitate and release every year by symbolically adopting him today with a small donation to the rescue centre.

Adopt HF Justin Turbot

Patient Progress

Weaning HF Justin Turbot is still being fed a zoological milk formula, but as his teeth are beginning to erupt, his diet is being supplemented with fish. Soon, he will enter fish school where he will learn how to eat fish on his own.

Patient Updates

Justin is losing all of his lanugo very rapidly. In a few days we'll hardly recognize him!

Justin seems to be doing alright. We caught him just after he's had a quick shower before lunch...

Justin is being treated with antibiotics to support his weak immune system as his facial wounds are healing. He is also given fluids as needed.

Guestbook for HF Justin Turbot

  1. We are so glad to hear that Captain Turbot arrived safely and is now being cared for by the team at the Vancouver Aquarium. We came across this little guy at Kitty Islet and were immediately concerned to see him in the logs at the high tide line. We were grateful for the quick response of the Marine Mammal Rescue team and so excited that we will be able to follow the progress of this little guy – wishing you all the best sweet baby!!
    Hannah & Luke

  2. Hello little JT! Our 3 year old named you for his fav person: Justin Trudeau. Here’s hoping you make a speedy recovery! ❤️

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