MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Patients by species

California Sea Lion  1

Zalophus californianus

Harbour Seal  5079

Phoca vitulina

All Patients of Season 2023 (67)

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2366 Sweet Tooth Harbour Seal 2023/09/14 Victoria Marine Mammal Disturbance, Emaciated, Wounds 2 in care
PV2365 On The Ball Harbour Seal 2023/09/08 Prevost Island Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 2 in care
PV2364 Party Animal Harbour Seal 2023/09/07 Drummond Bay Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 1 in care
PV2363 Cat's Pajamas Harbour Seal 2023/08/26 Salt Spring Island Maternal Separation 4 in care
PV2362 Go Bananas Harbour Seal 2023/08/15 Parksville Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 4 1 in care
PV2361 Kootenay Point Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/08/21 Keats Island Underweight, Lethargic 4 in care
PV2360 Dorothy Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/20 English Bay Lethargic, Underweight 2 in care
PV2359 Out of the Blue Harbour Seal 2023/08/17 Hudson Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 in care
PV2358 Raspberry Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/16 RVYC Coal Harbour Maternal Separation deceased
PV2357 Gold Digger Harbour Seal 2023/08/15 Genoa Bay Maternal Separation 4 3 in care
PV2356 Early Bird Harbour Seal 2023/08/14 Hornby Island Maternal Separation, Dehydrated, Wounds 4 1 in care
PV2355 Silver Surfer Harbour Seal 2023/08/13 Thetis Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 in care
PV2354 Garry Point Harbour Seal 2023/08/10 10 Mile Point, Victoria Lethargic, Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 2 in care
PV2353 Big Deal Harbour Seal 2023/08/10 Patricia Bay Emaciated, Lethargic, Underweight 3 in care
PV2352 Loose Canon Harbour Seal 2023/08/09 Nanoose Bay Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 5 in care
PV2351 Vivian Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/08 False Creek Marine Mammal Disturbance, Underweight 5 in care
PV2350 Starlight Reef Harbour Seal 2023/08/06 Squamish River Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 5 4 in care
PV2349 Salt of the Earth Harbour Seal 2023/08/06 Valdes Island Maternal Separation, Underweight 5 in care
PV2348 Wizard Islet Harbour Seal 2023/08/05 West Vancouver Maternal Separation, Emaciated 5 4 in care
PV2347 Marble Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/08/05 Powell River Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 1 deceased
PV2346 Abraham Point Harbour Seal 2023/08/04 RVYC Jericho Maternal Separation 1 deceased
PV2345 Darcy Harbour Seal 2023/08/03 Chilliwack Entanglement, Emaciated 4 in care
PV2344 Cloud Nine Harbour Seal 2023/08/03 Mill Bay Marina Maternal Separation 4 1 in care
PV2343 Couch Potato Harbour Seal 2023/08/02 Mayne Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 in care
PV2342 Goof Ball Harbour Seal 2023/08/02 Hornby Island Emaciated, Dehydrated, Maternal Separation 5 in care
PV2341 Lizard Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/01 RVYC Jericho Maternal Separation, Underweight, Wounds 2 1 deceased
PV2340 Happy Camper Harbour Seal 2023/08/01 Sooke Marina Emaciated, Maternal Separation 4 in care
PV2339 Tight Spot Harbour Seal 2023/07/31 Oyster Bay (Mayne Island) Maternal Separation 4 4 in care
PV2338 Plumper Islands Harbour Seal 2023/07/30 West Vancouver Maternal Separation, Emaciated 2 1 deceased
PV2337 Wickaninnish Bay Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/07/29 RVYC Coal Harbour Maternal Separation, Lethargic 4 2 in care
PV2336 Carlson Reef Harbour Seal 2023/07/28 Quadra Island Marine Mammal Disturbance 5 4 in care
PV2335 High Five Harbour Seal 2023/07/27 Samuel Island Maternal Separation 4 in care
PV2334 Race Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/26 Esquimalt Lagoon Emaciated, Dehydrated 3 3 in care
PV2333 Amelia Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/26 Vanier Park Emaciated, Maternal Separation 5 in care
PV2332 Chill Pill Harbour Seal 2023/07/25 Salt Spring Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated 3 in care
PV2331 Over the Moon Harbour Seal 2023/07/24 Fanny Bay Emaciated, Lethargic 4 1 in care
PV2330 Warrior Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/23 Burrard Yacht Club, NVan Maternal Separation 5 in care
PV2329 Phoenix Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/23 Savary Island Maternal Separation 5 in care
PV2328 Baby Blues Harbour Seal 2023/07/22 Neck Point Park, Nanaimo Emaciated, Wounds, Maternal Separation 2 1 in care
PV2327 Thief Islet Harbour Seal 2023/07/22 Deep Cove Marina Maternal Separation 4 5 in care
PV2326 Keefer Rock Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Ioco Boat Club Maternal Separation 3 in care
PV2325 Wild & Woolly Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Maple Bay Marina Maternal Separation 3 in care
PV2324 Fin Rock Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Beach Grove, Delta Maternal Separation, Underweight 4 2 in care
PV2323 Piece of Cake Harbour Seal 2023/07/20 Crofton Maternal Separation 3 in care
PV2322 Danger Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/07/20 Eakin Park Emaciated, Wounds, Maternal Separation 3 1 in care
ZC2301 Roy California Sea Lion 2023/07/18 Witty's Lagoon, Metchosin Lethagic deceased
PV2321 Eye Candy Harbour Seal 2023/07/17 North Pender Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Lethargic 2 in care
PV2320 Big Bay Harbour Seal 2023/07/17 Eagle Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated 3 1 in care
PV2319 Clifford Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 Jericho Marina Marine Mammal Disturbance, Underweight, Wounds 3 released
PV2318 Swishwash Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 Port Coquitlam Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2317 Crème De La Crème Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 North Secretary Island Maternal Separation, Wounds 2 in care
PV2316 Flowerpot Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 Whiffin Spit, Sooke Dehydrated, Underweight, Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2315 Strawberry Islet Harbour Seal 2023/07/11 Reed Point Marina Maternal Separation 4 in care
PV2314 Fitz Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/11 Crescent Beach Maternal Separation 5 2 in care
PV2313 Myrtle Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Beach Grove, Delta Maternal Separation, Emaciated 2 deceased
PV2312 Lacy Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Crescent Beach Emaciated, Maternal Separation, Dehydrated 3 3 released
PV2311 Smart Cookie Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Gossip Island Maternal Separation 3 in care
PV2310 Bertha Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/05 Cattle Point Maternal Separation 2 4 in care
PV2309 Pirate Rock Harbour Seal 2023/06/28 Tillbury Island Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2308 Lion Islets Harbour Seal 2023/06/26 Reed Point Marina Maternal Separation deceased
PV2307 Storm Rock Harbour Seal 2023/06/26 White Rock Maternal Separation 4 in care
PV2306 Fanny Bay Harbour Seal 2023/06/20 Strathcona Lookout Park Maternal Separation deceased
PV2305 Douglas Island Harbour Seal 2023/06/18 McMillan Marina Marine Mammal Disturbance deceased
PV2304 Friday Island Harbour Seal 2023/06/17 Telegraph Cove Maternal Separation, Marine Mammal Disturbance 4 1 released
PV2303 Acorn Island Reef Harbour Seal 2023/06/16 Mosquito Creek Marina Maternal Separation 4 2 released
PV2302 Eleanor Point Harbour Seal 2023/06/16 Shellburn Distribution Terminal Maternal Separation 5 in care
PV2301 Henry Island Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/06/13 Coal Harbour Maternal Separation 5 in care

Fun Statistics

Heavyweights (at release)
  1. Clifford Rocks 26.2 kg
  2. Swishwash Island 25.05 kg
  3. Flowerpot Island 24.5 kg
  4. Pirate Rock 24.14 kg
  5. Lacy Island 22.7 kg
  6. Friday Island 21.41 kg
  7. Acorn Island Reef 20.97 kg
  8. Henry Island Reefs kg
  9. Eleanor Point kg
  10. Storm Rock kg
Lightweights (at admission)
  1. Wizard Islet 5.7 kg
  2. Amelia Island 6.1 kg
  3. Keefer Rock 6.3 kg
  4. Pirate Rock 6.4 kg
  5. Eleanor Point 6.46 kg
  6. Starlight Reef 6.7 kg
  7. Over the Moon 6.85 kg
  8. Strawberry Islet 7 kg
  9. Lacy Island 7.1 kg
  10. Danger Reefs 7.3 kg
Longest Stay
  1. Henry Island Reefs 103 days
  2. Eleanor Point 100 days
  3. Acorn Island Reef 97 days
  4. Friday Island 96 days
  5. Storm Rock 90 days
  6. Pirate Rock 85 days
  7. Bertha Island 81 days
  8. Smart Cookie 76 days
  9. Fitz Island 75 days
  10. Strawberry Islet 75 days
Shortest Stay
  1. Sweet Tooth 10 days
  2. On The Ball 16 days
  3. Party Animal 17 days
  4. Cat's Pajamas 29 days
  5. Kootenay Point Reefs 34 days
  6. Dorothy Island 35 days
  7. Out of the Blue 38 days
  8. Go Bananas 40 days
  9. Gold Digger 40 days
  10. Early Bird 41 days