MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Patients by species 1 patient on site, 55 admitted in season 2023.

California Sea Lion  1

Zalophus californianus

Harbour Seal  15511

Phoca vitulina

List of patients

# Name Species Admitted Collection Site Reason for Admission
PV2367 Goody Two Shoes Harbour Seal 2023/10/05 Pender Island Underweight, Dehydrated, Lethargic 1 released
PV2366 Sweet Tooth Harbour Seal 2023/09/14 Victoria Marine Mammal Disturbance, Emaciated, Wounds 2 2 released
PV2365 On The Ball Harbour Seal 2023/09/08 Prevost Island Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 2 released
PV2364 Party Animal Harbour Seal 2023/09/07 Drummond Bay Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 1 released
PV2363 Cat's Pajamas Harbour Seal 2023/08/26 Salt Spring Island Maternal Separation 4 3 deceased
PV2362 Go Bananas Harbour Seal 2023/08/15 Parksville Emaciated, Dehydrated, Wounds 4 1 released
PV2361 Kootenay Point Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/08/21 Keats Island Underweight, Lethargic 4 released
PV2360 Dorothy Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/20 English Bay Lethargic, Underweight 2 released
PV2359 Out of the Blue Harbour Seal 2023/08/17 Hudson Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 1 released
PV2358 Raspberry Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/16 RVYC Coal Harbour Maternal Separation 2 deceased
PV2357 Gold Digger Harbour Seal 2023/08/15 Genoa Bay Maternal Separation 4 4 released
PV2356 Early Bird Harbour Seal 2023/08/14 Hornby Island Maternal Separation, Dehydrated, Wounds 4 2 released
PV2355 Silver Surfer Harbour Seal 2023/08/13 Thetis Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 released
PV2354 Garry Point Harbour Seal 2023/08/10 10 Mile Point, Victoria Lethargic, Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 2 in care
PV2353 Big Deal Harbour Seal 2023/08/10 Patricia Bay Emaciated, Lethargic, Underweight 3 released
PV2352 Loose Canon Harbour Seal 2023/08/09 Nanoose Bay Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 5 released
PV2351 Vivian Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/08 False Creek Marine Mammal Disturbance, Underweight 5 released
PV2350 Starlight Reef Harbour Seal 2023/08/06 Squamish River Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 5 4 released
PV2349 Salt of the Earth Harbour Seal 2023/08/06 Valdes Island Maternal Separation, Underweight 5 released
PV2348 Wizard Islet Harbour Seal 2023/08/05 West Vancouver Maternal Separation, Emaciated 5 6 released
PV2347 Marble Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/08/05 Powell River Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Dehydrated 1 deceased
PV2346 Abraham Point Harbour Seal 2023/08/04 RVYC Jericho Maternal Separation 1 deceased
PV2345 Darcy Harbour Seal 2023/08/03 Chilliwack Entanglement, Emaciated 4 released
PV2344 Cloud Nine Harbour Seal 2023/08/03 Mill Bay Marina Maternal Separation 4 1 released
PV2343 Couch Potato Harbour Seal 2023/08/02 Mayne Island Emaciated, Dehydrated 4 released
PV2342 Goof Ball Harbour Seal 2023/08/02 Hornby Island Emaciated, Dehydrated, Maternal Separation 5 released
PV2341 Lizard Island Harbour Seal 2023/08/01 RVYC Jericho Maternal Separation, Underweight, Wounds 2 1 deceased
PV2340 Happy Camper Harbour Seal 2023/08/01 Sooke Marina Emaciated, Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2339 Tight Spot Harbour Seal 2023/07/31 Oyster Bay (Mayne Island) Maternal Separation 4 4 released
PV2338 Plumper Islands Harbour Seal 2023/07/30 West Vancouver Maternal Separation, Emaciated 2 1 deceased
PV2337 Wickaninnish Bay Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/07/29 RVYC Coal Harbour Maternal Separation, Lethargic 4 2 released
PV2336 Carlson Reef Harbour Seal 2023/07/28 Quadra Island Marine Mammal Disturbance 5 4 released
PV2335 High Five Harbour Seal 2023/07/27 Samuel Island Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2334 Race Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/26 Esquimalt Lagoon Emaciated, Dehydrated 3 3 released
PV2333 Amelia Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/26 Vanier Park Emaciated, Maternal Separation 5 released
PV2332 Chill Pill Harbour Seal 2023/07/25 Salt Spring Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated 3 released
PV2331 Over the Moon Harbour Seal 2023/07/24 Fanny Bay Emaciated, Lethargic 4 1 released
PV2330 Warrior Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/23 Burrard Yacht Club, NVan Maternal Separation 5 released
PV2329 Phoenix Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/23 Savary Island Maternal Separation 5 released
PV2328 Baby Blues Harbour Seal 2023/07/22 Neck Point Park, Nanaimo Emaciated, Wounds, Maternal Separation 2 1 released
PV2327 Thief Islet Harbour Seal 2023/07/22 Deep Cove Marina Maternal Separation 4 8 released
PV2326 Keefer Rock Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Ioco Boat Club Maternal Separation 3 3 released
PV2325 Wild & Woolly Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Maple Bay Marina Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2324 Fin Rock Harbour Seal 2023/07/21 Beach Grove, Delta Maternal Separation, Underweight 4 2 deceased
PV2323 Piece of Cake Harbour Seal 2023/07/20 Crofton Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2322 Danger Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/07/20 Eakin Park Emaciated, Wounds, Maternal Separation 3 1 released
ZC2301 Roy California Sea Lion 2023/07/18 Witty's Lagoon, Metchosin Lethagic deceased
PV2321 Eye Candy Harbour Seal 2023/07/17 North Pender Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated, Lethargic 2 released
PV2320 Big Bay Harbour Seal 2023/07/17 Eagle Island Maternal Separation, Emaciated 3 1 released
PV2319 Clifford Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 Jericho Marina Marine Mammal Disturbance, Underweight, Wounds 3 released
PV2318 Swishwash Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 Port Coquitlam Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2317 Crème De La Crème Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 North Secretary Island Maternal Separation, Wounds 2 released
PV2316 Flowerpot Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/14 Whiffin Spit, Sooke Dehydrated, Underweight, Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2315 Strawberry Islet Harbour Seal 2023/07/11 Reed Point Marina Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2314 Fitz Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/11 Crescent Beach Maternal Separation 5 2 released
PV2313 Myrtle Rocks Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Beach Grove, Delta Maternal Separation, Emaciated 2 deceased
PV2312 Lacy Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Crescent Beach Emaciated, Maternal Separation, Dehydrated 3 3 released
PV2311 Smart Cookie Harbour Seal 2023/07/10 Gossip Island Maternal Separation 3 released
PV2310 Bertha Island Harbour Seal 2023/07/05 Cattle Point Maternal Separation 2 4 released
PV2309 Pirate Rock Harbour Seal 2023/06/28 Tillbury Island Maternal Separation 4 released
PV2308 Lion Islets Harbour Seal 2023/06/26 Reed Point Marina Maternal Separation deceased
PV2307 Storm Rock Harbour Seal 2023/06/26 White Rock Maternal Separation 4 1 released
PV2306 Fanny Bay Harbour Seal 2023/06/20 Strathcona Lookout Park Maternal Separation deceased
PV2305 Douglas Island Harbour Seal 2023/06/18 McMillan Marina Marine Mammal Disturbance deceased
PV2304 Friday Island Harbour Seal 2023/06/17 Telegraph Cove Maternal Separation, Marine Mammal Disturbance 4 1 released
PV2303 Acorn Island Reef Harbour Seal 2023/06/16 Mosquito Creek Marina Maternal Separation 4 2 released
PV2302 Eleanor Point Harbour Seal 2023/06/16 Shellburn Distribution Terminal Maternal Separation 5 released
PV2301 Henry Island Reefs Harbour Seal 2023/06/13 Coal Harbour Maternal Separation 5 released

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