MMR Marine Mammal Rescue Centre Patient Directory

Species: Harbour Seal (298)

#NameSpeciesAdmittedCollection SiteReason for Admission
PV2014 OkeanaHarbour Seal2020/07/03 Gabriola IslandUnderweight in care
PV2013 Alice ChanelHarbour Seal2020/07/02 Esquimalt LagoonMarine mammal disturbance; Underweight in care
PV2012 Ligo (Gondola)Harbour Seal2020/06/30 Cowichan BayMaternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated in care
PV2011 LoomsterHarbour Seal2020/06/29 White RockEmaciated; Marine mammal disturbance 1 1 in care
PV2010 PeachieHarbour Seal2020/06/28 Richmond MarinaMaternal separation 1 in care
PV2009 MWPHarbour Seal2020/06/26 Port Mellon, BCMaternal separation 1 3 in care
PV2008 DexterHarbour Seal2020/06/26 Fraser River, BurnabyMaternal separation 1 5 in care
PV2007 HF Justin TurbotHarbour Seal2020/06/23 Kitty BayMaternal separation; Dehydrated 2 2 in care
PV2006 Yuki (Space Shuttle)Harbour Seal2020/06/19 RVYC Jericho BeachMaternal separation 3 5 in care
PV2005 LisaHarbour Seal2020/06/17 SookeMaternal separation; Dehydrated; Facial injuries 2 6 in care
PV2004 BourneHarbour Seal2020/06/16 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)Maternal separation 2 10 deceased
PV2003 Sealy Dan (Pogo Stick)Harbour Seal2020/06/15 Sooke, Dock at Jenkins MarineEmaciated; Dehydrated 4 4 in care
PV2002 Focarelli (Submarine)Harbour Seal2020/06/15 Sooke, Harbour House MarinaMaternal separation 4 1 in care
PV2001 DrummstickHarbour Seal2020/06/11 Fraser RiverMaternal separation 1 3 deceased
PV19112 Elephant Harbour Seal2019/10/22 Mill Bay MarinaEmaciated; Lethargic; Upper respiratory 2 released
PV19111 Tom SealleckHarbour Seal2019/09/24 Wreck BeachUnderweight released
PV19110 Martha RayeHarbour Seal2019/09/19 NanaimoLethargic; Underweight; Dehydrated 1 deceased
PV19109 Jelly ClarksonHarbour Seal2019/09/15 Campbell RiverMaternal separation; Emaciated; 1 deceased
PV19108 Bilby Harbour Seal2019/09/08 Retreat Cove, Galiano IslandUpper respiratory; Wounds 1 1 released
PV19107 PangolinHarbour Seal2019/09/03 Scott Point, Salt Spring IslandUnderweight; Wounds 1 released
PV19106 Swimmy FallonHarbour Seal2019/09/01 MervilleEmaciated 2 1 released
PV19105 RhinocerosHarbour Seal2019/09/01 Cowichan BayUnderweight; Upper respiratory 1 released
PV19104 Krill I AmHarbour Seal2019/08/31 Mosquito Creek Marina, North VancouverMaternal separation; Underweight 1 2 deceased
PV19103 Spotted Hyena (Spot)Harbour Seal2019/08/28 Galiano IslandDehydrated; Emaciated 3 released
PV19102 Bush BabyHarbour Seal2019/08/26 Piers IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated; 1 released
PV19101 Ja-Cod TremblayHarbour Seal2019/08/26 Beach Grove, TsawwassenUnderweight; Wounds; Maternal separation 3 1 released
PV19100 The Cod FatherHarbour Seal2019/08/21 Stanley ParkMaternal separation; Wounds 5 2 released
PV1999 EminemoneHarbour Seal2019/08/19 Savary IslandMaternal separation 5 20 released
PV1998 Uma SturgeonHarbour Seal2019/08/19 Burrard Yacht ClubEye injury; Underweight 3 deceased
PV1997 Bradley Grouper Harbour Seal2019/08/19 Stanley ParkMarine mammal disturbance; Underweight; Dehydrated 3 1 released
PV1996 Blue WhaleHarbour Seal2019/08/16 Galiano IslandMaternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated 3 released
PV1995 PorpoiseHarbour Seal2019/08/15 Pender IslandMaternal separation 1 released
PV1994 Gazelle Harbour Seal2019/08/15 Salt Spring IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1993 Brie LobsterHarbour Seal2019/08/10 Patricia Bay, VictoriaMarine mammal disturbance; Emaciated 1 deceased
PV1992 Fennec FoxHarbour Seal2019/08/10 Chemainus SawmillMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1991 Spirit BearHarbour Seal2019/08/10 Galiano IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1990 Marlin GayeHarbour Seal2019/08/09 Stanley ParkMaternal separation 1 1 released
PV1989 Emily CarpHarbour Seal2019/08/09 North Shore ShipyardsMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 1 released
PV1988 ZebraHarbour Seal2019/08/08 Wise IslandUnderweight; Maternal separation 2 released
PV1987 Paris KrilltonHarbour Seal2019/08/08 Vanier ParkMarine mammal disturbance 2 released
PV1986 GroundhogHarbour Seal2019/08/07 South Pender IslandUnderweight 1 released
PV1985 Ryan RaynoldsHarbour Seal2019/08/06 LangfordMaternal separation 1 deceased
PV1984 Hake LivelyHarbour Seal2019/08/05 Campbell RiverMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1983 Flying SquirrelHarbour Seal2019/08/05 Mayne IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 4 1 deceased
PV1982 Lou-seal BallHarbour Seal2019/08/04 Stanley Park/Lions Gate Bridge, VancouverMaternal separation; Emaciated 1 released
PV1981 Viola DaFishHarbour Seal2019/08/03 EsquimaltMaternal separation; Emaciated 7 released
PV1980 Grey WolfHarbour Seal2019/08/03 SidneyMaternal separation; Emaciated 3 released
PV1979 Gillbert BrownHarbour Seal2019/08/03 Fraser RiverMarine mammal disturbance 2 released
PV1978 Frank OceanHarbour Seal2019/08/03 Fraser RiverMarine mammal disturbance 3 released
PV1977 DromedaryHarbour Seal2019/08/02 Crofton Saw Mill, Crofton, BCLog boom; Maternal separation 5 released
PV1976 Bengal Tiger Harbour Seal2019/08/02 Cowichan BayMaternal separation; Emaciated 2 released
PV1975 Scott McGillivrayHarbour Seal2019/08/02 Port MoodyMaternal separation 1 1 released
PV1974 Paul McCarpneyHarbour Seal2019/08/01 MacAuley Point, VictoriaMaternal separation 1 released
PV1973 Portia de RosseaHarbour Seal2019/08/01 Flase CreekMaternal separation 2 released
PV1972 Grizzly BearHarbour Seal2019/08/01 Halibut IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1971 David HassealhoffHarbour Seal2019/07/31 Anvil IslandMaternal separation 4 1 released
PV1970 CaribooHarbour Seal2019/07/31 Mayne IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1969 Honey BadgerHarbour Seal2019/07/31 Mill BayMaternal separation 1 released
PV1968 Queen ElizafishHarbour Seal2019/07/31 Cowichan BayMaternal separation 3 released
PV1967 Marge ShrimpsonHarbour Seal2019/07/31 Cowichan BayMaternal separation 5 released
PV1966 KoalaHarbour Seal2019/07/30 Mayne IslandMaternal separation 3 released
PV1965 ArmadilloHarbour Seal2019/07/30 Gabriola IslandWounds 6 released
PV1964 Airapaima GrandeHarbour Seal2019/07/29 Willis PointMaternal separation 2 1 released
PV1963 Tom CruiseshipHarbour Seal2019/07/29 White RockMaternal separation 1 released
PV1962 BabirusaHarbour Seal2019/07/29 CroftonMaternal separation; Dehydrated 4 1 released
PV1961 Pygmy TarsierHarbour Seal2019/07/29 Moresby IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 8 3 released
PV1960 MegalodonnaHarbour Seal2019/07/29 Jericho beach, VancouverMaternal separation; Lethargic 3 released
PV1959 JaguarHarbour Seal2019/07/27 Galiano IslandMaternal separation; Wounds; Upper respiratory 1 released
PV1958 CoyoteHarbour Seal2019/07/27 Mayne IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1957 Ringo Starfish Harbour Seal2019/07/26 Quarry Bay, Nelson IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated; Eye injury 2 6 released
PV1956 Polar BearHarbour Seal2019/07/26 Saturna IslandEmaciated; Lethargic 3 released
PV1955 BuffaloHarbour Seal2019/07/26 Galiano IslandMaternal separation 4 released
PV1954 Keanu ReefsHarbour Seal2019/07/25 Thormanby Islands (Powell River)Wounds; Maternal separation; Underweight 2 1 released
PV1953 Algae WongHarbour Seal2019/07/25 Esquimalt LagoonMaternal separation 5 2 released
PV1952 Mackerel-moreHarbour Seal2019/07/25 BowserWounds; Maternal separation 2 1 deceased
PV1951 Golden MonkeyHarbour Seal2019/07/24 South PenderMaternal separation 5 released
PV1950 Taylor DriftHarbour Seal2019/07/24 Spanish BanksMarine mammal disturbance; Underweight 3 1 released
PV1949 Prawn LegendHarbour Seal2019/07/23 Campbell RiverMaternal separation 2 released
PV1948 Isla FisherHarbour Seal2019/07/22 Alert BayMarine mammal disturbance; Emaciated; Maternal separation 2 2 deceased
PV1947 Skate HudsonHarbour Seal2019/07/22 Departure BayMarine mammal disturbance 3 1 released
PV1946 BeyonsealHarbour Seal2019/07/22 SouthlandsMaternal separation 2 released
PV1945 BonoboHarbour Seal2019/07/22 Thetis IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1944 Giant AnteaterHarbour Seal2019/07/21 Salt Spring IslandMaternal separation; Underweight 1 released
PV1943 MeerkatHarbour Seal2019/07/21 Hornby IslandMaternal separation; Lethargic 4 released
PV1942 Fishy TeganHarbour Seal2019/07/21 False CreekMaternal separation; Dehydrated 3 released
PV1941 OkapiHarbour Seal2019/07/20 Piers IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 4 released
PV1940 MooseHarbour Seal2019/07/20 Saturna IslandEmaciated; Maternal separation 3 released
PV1939 Shell-en DeGeneresHarbour Seal2019/07/20 McNeill BayMarine mammal disturbance 3 3 released
PV1938 Roe PaulHarbour Seal2019/07/19 Dundarave Beach, West VancouverMaternal separation; Emaciated; Dehydrated 3 released
PV1937 Ryan Seal-CrestHarbour Seal2019/07/18 Port MoodyMaternal separation; Dehydrated; Emaciated 1 deceased
PV1936 Tina TurtleHarbour Seal2019/07/17 SecheltMaternal separation 4 1 released
PV1935 Reef WitherspoonHarbour Seal2019/07/17 Boundary BayMaternal separation; Underweight 2 released
PV1934 DugongHarbour Seal2019/07/17 ChemainusMaternal separation 8 released
PV1933 ImpalaHarbour Seal2019/07/16 Genoa BayMaternal separation 2 released
PV1932 CheetahHarbour Seal2019/07/16 North SaanichMaternal separation 2 released
PV1931 Sean CanneryHarbour Seal2019/07/16 Holland ParkMaternal separation 3 6 released
PV1930 Betty Whitefish Harbour Seal2019/07/16 Crescent BeachMaternal separation; Eye injury 1 released
PV1929 Bill Fry the Science GuyHarbour Seal2019/07/15 CroftonMaternal separation; Emaciated 5 released
PV1928 SlothHarbour Seal2019/07/15 Wise IslandMaternal separation; Emaciated 3 released
PV1927 Steven SealbergHarbour Seal2019/07/14 Harrison LakeEmaciated; Maternal separation 4 5 released
PV1926 Scarlett JoplanktonHarbour Seal2019/07/13 Cowichan BayMaternal separation 5 2 released
PV1925 WalrusHarbour Seal2019/07/12 Ogden Point, VictoriaMaternal separation 3 released
PV1924 Mark WhalebergHarbour Seal2019/07/11 Oak BayEmaciated; Maternal separation 4 2 released
PV1923 SharkiraHarbour Seal2019/07/10 Skyline Marina, RichmondMaternal separation 7 3 released
PV1922 Scuba Gooding Jr.Harbour Seal2019/07/10 TsawwassenMaternal separation; Emaciated 3 1 released
PV1921 Squidney Crosby (Squid the Kid)Harbour Seal2019/07/06 CowichanMaternal separation 1 deceased
PV1920 Hippopotamus (Hippo)Harbour Seal2019/07/06 Salt Spring IslandMaternal separation; Lethargic 3 released
PV1919 Pike TysonHarbour Seal2019/07/03 Glendale CoveMaternal separation; Lethargic 2 released
PV1918 Fin Diesel Harbour Seal2019/07/03 Hardy IslandMaternal separation; Lethargic 9 1 released
PV1917 Oprah FinfreyHarbour Seal2019/07/02 Port MoodyEmaciated; Dehydrated; Maternal separation 4 released
PV1916 Goldie PrawnHarbour Seal2019/06/29 Port CoquitlamMaternal separation; Wounds 1 deceased
PV1915 Swim ShadyHarbour Seal2019/06/28 Savary IslandMaternal separation 2 2 deceased
PV1914 ManateeHarbour Seal2019/06/27 Hornby IslandMaternal separation 4 2 released
PV1913 PandaHarbour Seal2019/06/27 Pender Island, Poet CoveMaternal separation 4 released
PV1912 PlatypusHarbour Seal2019/06/25 Gabriola IslandMaternal separation 2 released
PV1911 Kylie MinnowHarbour Seal2019/06/24 Oak Bay, VictoriaMaternal separation; Eye injury 2 released
PV1910 Seal-ine DionHarbour Seal2019/06/21 Naden Harbour, Haida GwaiiMaternal separation 6 2 released
PV1909 Prince HerringHarbour Seal2019/06/20 Crescent BeachMaternal separation; Placenta attached 3 1 released
PV1908 Meghan MackerelHarbour Seal2019/06/18 Sidney IslandMaternal separation 6 released
PV1907 Mussel CroweHarbour Seal2019/06/12 SookeMaternal separation 3 1 released
PV1906 Leonardo DiPuprio (Leo)Harbour Seal2019/06/11 BelcarraMaternal separation 5 released
PV1905 Tuna FeyHarbour Seal2019/06/02 Collision Point, MassetMaternal separation; Eye injury 4 released
PV1904 Stanley SharkHarbour Seal2019/06/01 Stanley Park, VancouverMaternal separation; lethargic 2 deceased
PV1903 Dwayne Johnson (The Rockfish)Harbour Seal2019/05/02 Prince RupertMaternal separation; disturbance 4 released
PV1902 Jessica Seal (Jess)Harbour Seal2019/02/18 Point Grey Park at Trafalgar Street (Kitsilano), VancouverEye injuries; underweight 9 4 transferred
PV1901 Baked Alaska (BA)Harbour Seal2019/02/07 Gabriola IslandFailure to thrive, respiratory symptoms 6 2 released
PV18172 Apple-y Ever AfterHarbour Seal2018/10/27 Galiano Island (IWNCC)Emaciated released
PV18171 Boom ChocolataHarbour Seal2018/10/27 Mill Bay (IWNCC)Lethargic, underweight released
PV18170 Pumpkin CheesecakeHarbour Seal2018/10/13 Mayne IslandLethargic; upper respiratory 1 released
PV18169 Rainbow SherbertHarbour Seal2018/10/09 Nanaimo (IWNCC)Emaciated released
PV18168 StracciatellaHarbour Seal2018/09/28 Salt Spring Island (IWNCC)Upper respiratory; underweight 1 released
PV18167 Dolomite (Domino)Harbour Seal2018/09/22 Anvil IslandWounds; underweight 4 8 released
PV18166 Scotchy Scotch ScotchHarbour Seal2018/09/22 Piers Island (IWNCC)Wounds; upper respiratory; underweight 1 released
PV18165 SammiteHarbour Seal2018/09/22 Bowyer IslandLethargic; underweight 1 2 deceased
PV18164 Butter BrickleHarbour Seal2018/09/16 Saturna Island (IWNCC)Wounds; lethargic released
PV18163 Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz (Buzz)Harbour Seal2018/09/16 Pender Island (IWNCC)Wounds released
PV18162 IndiumHarbour Seal2018/09/15 Third Beach, Stanley ParkMaternal separation 2 1 released
PV18161 Watermelon SplashHarbour Seal2018/09/13 Mayne Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18160 Maple Nutty TwistHarbour Seal2018/09/09 Galiano (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18159 Heavenly HashHarbour Seal2018/09/05 Prevost Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18158 Reeses PiecesHarbour Seal2018/09/02 Hornby Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18157 Tiger TailHarbour Seal2018/09/01 Coal Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18156 Fairy FlossHarbour Seal2018/08/31 Reay Island (IWNCC)Maternal Separation released
PV18155 Peanut Butter CupHarbour Seal2018/08/28 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 2 released
PV18154 AngeliteHarbour Seal2018/08/27 EsquimaltMaternal separation 1 released
PV18153 LucumaHarbour Seal2018/08/24 Gonzales Beach (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18152 Cherry GarciaHarbour Seal2018/08/24 Lion Island (IWNCC)Lethargic; non-responsive 1 released
PV18151 CreamsicleHarbour Seal2018/08/23 Hornby IslandHuman interference 2 released
PV18150 Prickly PearHarbour Seal2018/08/23 Vesuvius (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18149 SodaliteHarbour Seal2018/08/21 Powell RiverMaternal separation 1 released
PV18148 SerpentineHarbour Seal2018/08/21 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)Maternal separation 1 1 released
PV18147 LabradoriteHarbour Seal2018/08/20 GibsonsHuman interference deceased
PV18146 Hokey PokeyHarbour Seal2018/08/17 Saltspring Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV18145 Aventurine (Rusty)Harbour Seal2018/08/15 Mosquito Creek MarinaWounds; emaciated 1 released
PV18144 MarshmallowHarbour Seal2018/08/15 Coal Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; umbilical hernia 2 released
PV18143 Pina ColadaHarbour Seal2018/08/13 NanaimoMaternal separation 1 released
PV18142 Peppermint CrunchHarbour Seal2018/08/13 Sidney IslandMaternal separation released
PV18141 Fire OpalHarbour Seal2018/08/13 Qualicum BeachMaternal separation deceased
PV18140 KeviniteHarbour Seal2018/08/12 Hopkins Landing, GibsonsMaternal separation; emaciated 2 3 released
PV18139 KunziteHarbour Seal2018/08/12 VictoriaFacial wounds deceased
PV18138 AlabasterHarbour Seal2018/08/11 ComoxMaternal separation 3 released
PV18137 ChrysocollaHarbour Seal2018/08/11 SecheltMaternal separation 1 released
PV18136 HambergiteHarbour Seal2018/08/11 SecheltMaternal separation deceased
PV18135 S'MoresHarbour Seal2018/08/11 Chemainus (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18134 Molybdenite (Schweddy Balls)Harbour Seal2018/08/11 Sidney Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV18133 TaconiteHarbour Seal2018/08/10 ComoxMaternal separation 2 released
PV18132 AndyrobertsiteHarbour Seal2018/08/10 Larson BayMaternal separation released
PV18131 OlivineHarbour Seal2018/08/09 Brunswick BeachMaternal separation released
PV18130 Tin Roof SundaeHarbour Seal2018/08/08 China Beach, SookeMaternal separation; emaciated 2 released
PV18129 SpumoniHarbour Seal2018/08/08 Thetis IslandMaternal separation; emaciated 1 released
PV18128 Orange SherbertHarbour Seal2018/08/08 Gabriola Island (GROWLS/IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated released
PV18127 Cinnamon BunHarbour Seal2018/08/08 Gabriola Island (GROWLS/IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated 1 released
PV18126 Tiger's EyeHarbour Seal2018/08/07 Bowen IslandMaternal separation/eye injury 5 released
PV18125 ThoriteHarbour Seal2018/08/07 Hornby IslandMaternal separation 6 released
PV18124 Brownie BatterHarbour Seal2018/08/07 Manolaite Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18123 Guatamalan RippleHarbour Seal2018/08/07 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV18122 Americone DreamHarbour Seal2018/08/06 Hornby Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18121 Peach MelbaHarbour Seal2018/08/06 Lizard Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV18120 GlaucodotHarbour Seal2018/08/06 SecheltMaternal separation 1 1 released
PV18119 SchorlHarbour Seal2018/08/05 ComoxMaternal separation 1 released
PV18118 MicaHarbour Seal2018/08/04 McMillan Fisheries Dock, North VancouverMaternal separation deceased
PV18117 Red VelvetHarbour Seal2018/08/04 Mandarte Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 3 released
PV18116 Passion FruitHarbour Seal2018/08/04 James Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18115 ColtanHarbour Seal2018/08/03 Horseshoe BayMaternal separation deceased
PV18114 Nutty CoconutHarbour Seal2018/08/03 Mudge Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 3 released
PV18113 ChalcedonyHarbour Seal2018/08/03 Oak Bay, VictoriaMaternal separation 3 released
PV18112 Smokey QuartzHarbour Seal2018/08/02 Fraser RiverMaternal separation; log boom 2 released
PV18111 CarnelianHarbour Seal2018/08/02 Whytecliff ParkMaternal separation; emaciated 3 released
PV18110 BacioHarbour Seal2018/08/02 Mayne Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18109 Sea Salt CaramelHarbour Seal2018/08/02 Galiano Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18108 MeteoriteHarbour Seal2018/08/01 Porteau CoveMaternal separation deceased
PV18107 Moon MistHarbour Seal2018/08/01 Pender Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18106 Berry BerryHarbour Seal2018/08/01 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation; lethargy 1 released
PV18105 LiquoriceHarbour Seal2018/08/01 Round Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; eye injury 2 released
PV18104 PralineHarbour Seal2018/08/01 Mayne Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated 3 released
PV18103 RhyoliteHarbour Seal2018/08/01 Crescent Beach, SurreyMaternal separation deceased
PV18102 FragolaHarbour Seal2018/07/31 Galiano Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV18101 MochaHarbour Seal2018/07/31 Genoa Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV18100 DiamondHarbour Seal2018/07/31 Wreck BeachMaternal separation; human interferance 1 released
PV1899 CoalHarbour Seal2018/07/31 Stanley ParkMaternal separation; human interferance 4 deceased
PV1898 GalenaHarbour Seal2018/07/31 Bowen IslandMaternal separation 3 released
PV1897 Butter PecanHarbour Seal2018/07/30 VictoriaMaternal separation 1 released
PV1896 Fire AgateHarbour Seal2018/07/30 Theatis IslandLethargic deceased
PV1895 JetHarbour Seal2018/07/30 North VancouverMaternal separation 2 released
PV1894 Dulce de LecheHarbour Seal2018/07/29 Galiano Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV1893 Mango TangoHarbour Seal2018/07/29 Hudson Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1892 Chilling the RoastHarbour Seal2018/07/29 Gabriola Island (IWNCC & GROWLS)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1891 Blue MoonHarbour Seal2018/07/29 Pender Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 4 released
PV1890 BubblegumHarbour Seal2018/07/29 Pender Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 3 released
PV1889 Tequila LimeHarbour Seal2018/07/28 Chemainus (IWNCC)Maternal separation; human interferance 3 released
PV1888 Peacock OreHarbour Seal2018/07/28 Ferguson Point, Stanley ParkMaternal separation; human interferance; wounds released
PV1887 Watermelon TourmalineHarbour Seal2018/07/27 Odgen Point, VictoriaMaternal separation; emaciated deceased
PV1886 Wild 'n RecklessHarbour Seal2018/07/27 Salt Spring Island (IWNCC)Wounds; underweight 1 released
PV1885 Icing on the CakeHarbour Seal2018/07/27 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Underweight; log boom 3 released
PV1884 BorniteHarbour Seal2018/07/26 Savary IslandMaternal separation deceased
PV1883 Caramel MacchiatoHarbour Seal2018/07/26 Nanoose BayMaternal separation released
PV1882 English ToffeeHarbour Seal2018/07/26 Cowichan BayMaternal separation; stuck between log booms released
PV1881 HeliodorHarbour Seal2018/07/25 VictoriaMaternal separation 1 deceased
PV1880 AlmandineHarbour Seal2018/07/24 VictoriaMaternal separation; emaciated deceased
PV1879 GraphiteHarbour Seal2018/07/24 Salmon Point (MARS)Maternal separation 2 deceased
PV1878 CrystalHarbour Seal2018/07/24 West VancouverMaternal separation 6 1 released
PV1877 SunstoneHarbour Seal2018/07/23 Willow's Beach (Wild Arc)Maternal separation; emaciated 4 released
PV1876 CappuccinoHarbour Seal2018/07/23 Saturna Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1875 Miami ViceHarbour Seal2018/07/23 Nanaimo (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV1874 FangiteHarbour Seal2018/07/23 Pender HarbourMaternal seperation 1 released
PV1873 AmberHarbour Seal2018/07/23 Bowen IslandMaternal seperation 2 released
PV1872 ZirconHarbour Seal2018/07/22 Wall Beach, Nanoose BayMaternal separation deceased
PV1871 Cocoa LocoHarbour Seal2018/07/22 North Saanich (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1870 Mint ChipHarbour Seal2018/07/22 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV1869 Tiramisu GelatoHarbour Seal2018/07/22 Muir Creek Beach, Sooke (IWNCC)Facial injuries 1 released
PV1868 Lapis LazuliHarbour Seal2018/07/21 Fraser RiverMaternal separation 1 released
PV1867 FluoriteHarbour Seal2018/07/21 Richmond MarinaMaternal separation 1 1 released
PV1866 Irish CreamHarbour Seal2018/07/20 Galiano Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1865 HazelnutHarbour Seal2018/07/20 North Saanich (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1864 Egg NogHarbour Seal2018/07/20 Mill Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1863 Love PotionHarbour Seal2018/07/20 Chemainus (IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated 1 released
PV1862 AgateHarbour Seal2018/07/20 Burrard Yacht ClubMaternal separation; emaciated 2 released
PV1861 ZultaniteHarbour Seal2018/07/19 Pitt LakeMaternal separation deceased
PV1860 GypsumHarbour Seal2018/07/19 Derby Reach, LangleyMaternal separation; emaciated released
PV1859 Blondie AmbitionHarbour Seal2018/07/19 Nanaimo (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV1858 Cookies N Cream Harbour Seal2018/07/19 Chad Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated, wounds 2 released
PV1857 Hawk's EyeHarbour Seal2018/07/18 Fraser River, BurnabyMaternal separation deceased
PV1856 Rum RaisinHarbour Seal2018/07/18 Mill Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation, emaciated released
PV1855 MorganiteHarbour Seal2018/07/18 West VancouverMaternal separation 2 released
PV1854 ObsidianHarbour Seal2018/07/18 Ogden Point (Wild Arc)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1853 AzuriteHarbour Seal2018/07/17 Porteau CoveMaternal separation 1 released
PV1852 Late Night SnackHarbour Seal2018/07/17 Pender Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1851 Moose TrackHarbour Seal2018/07/17 Valdes Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1850 MalachiteHarbour Seal2018/07/17 Spanish BanksMaternal separation 2 released
PV1849 CinnabarHarbour Seal2018/07/17 CFB EsquimaltMaternal separation deceased
PV1848 DruzyHarbour Seal2018/07/17 Coal HarbourHuman interferance 2 released
PV1847 HaliteHarbour Seal2018/07/16 NanaimoMaternal separation, emaciated 3 released
PV1846 Jamoca Almond FudgeHarbour Seal2018/07/16 Salt Spring Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated 2 released
PV1845 Maple WalnutHarbour Seal2018/07/16 Chemainus (IWNCC)Maternal separation 3 released
PV1843 Cotton CandyHarbour Seal2018/07/15 Pender Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; emaciated 1 released
PV1841 Chocolate TherapyHarbour Seal2018/07/15 Salt Spring Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1844 LawsoniteHarbour Seal2018/07/15 East SookeMaternal separation; emaciated 7 released
PV1842 DurianHarbour Seal2018/07/15 Mayne Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 4 released
PV1840 NacreHarbour Seal2018/07/14 SecheltMaternal separation deceased
PV1839 CoralHarbour Seal2018/07/14 Bowyer IslandMaternal separation released
PV1838 BlueberryHarbour Seal2018/07/14 Gabriola Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation; wounds 1 released
PV1837 AmethystHarbour Seal2018/07/14 Royal Vancouver Yacht ClubMaternal separation; emaciated released
PV1835 Lemon SorbetHarbour Seal2018/07/13 Grieg Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1834 French VanillaHarbour Seal2018/07/13 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV1836 RaspberryHarbour Seal2018/07/13 Thetis Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 3 released
PV1832 LarimarHarbour Seal2018/07/13 Crescent BeachMaternal separation; emaciated 1 released
PV1833 CitrineHarbour Seal2018/07/13 Boundary BayMaternal separation released
PV1831 Jurassic Chomp BlizzardHarbour Seal2018/07/12 Secretary Islands (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1830 CalciteHarbour Seal2018/07/11 Victoria (Finlayson Point)Maternal separation; wounds 1 released
PV1829 FlintHarbour Seal2018/07/11 Stanley ParkMaternal separation 2 released
PV1828 Half BakedHarbour Seal2018/07/11 Cowichan Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1827 Almond JoyHarbour Seal2018/07/10 Patricia Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1825 Cubic ZirconiaHarbour Seal2018/07/10 Mosquito Creek MarinaMaternal separation deceased
PV1826 ButterscotchHarbour Seal2018/07/10 Galiano Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1823 PistachioHarbour Seal2018/07/08 Ogden Point, Victoria (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1824 SapphireHarbour Seal2018/07/08 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)Maternal separation; emaciated 6 released
PV1822 AquamarineHarbour Seal2018/07/07 Mosquito Creek MarinaEmaciated; lethargic 2 released
PV1821 Green PeridotHarbour Seal2018/07/04 North SaanichMaternal separation released
PV1820 Ocean JasperHarbour Seal2018/07/04 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)Maternal separation; placenta attached released
PV1819 TurquoiseHarbour Seal2018/07/03 North Sannich (Deep Cove)Maternal separation deceased
PV1818 OpalHarbour Seal2018/07/02 Dawson's LandingMaternal separation 4 released
PV1817 Chunky MonkeyHarbour Seal2018/06/30 Ella Beach (IWNCC)Maternal separation 2 released
PV1816 Rocky RoadHarbour Seal2018/06/30 Mill Bay (IWNCC)Maternal separation 1 released
PV1815 BoraxHarbour Seal2018/06/24 Wreck BeachMaternal separation; human interference deceased
PV1814 NeapolitanHarbour Seal2018/06/23 Sooke Harbour Marina Resort (IWNCC)Maternal separation 5 released
PV1813 Banana SplitHarbour Seal2018/06/23 Sooke Harbour Marina Resort (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1812 BazziteHarbour Seal2018/06/22 VictoriaMaternal separation 1 released
PV1811 AlexandriteHarbour Seal2018/06/21 White Rock BeachMaternal separation 1 released
PV1810 TanzaniteHarbour Seal2018/06/20 Granville Island, VancouverMaternal separation 2 released
PV1809 GarnetHarbour Seal2018/06/20 SaanichMaternal separation 3 released
PV1808 BerylHarbour Seal2018/06/18 Eagle Island, West VancouverMaternal separation 4 1 released
PV1807 RosalineHarbour Seal2018/06/18 Boundary Bay, TsawwassenMaternal separation 4 released
PV1806 OnyxHarbour Seal2018/06/16 Lighthouse Park, West VancouverMaternal separation 4 released
PV1805 MoonstoneHarbour Seal2018/06/16 William's Beach, MervilleMaternal separation deceased
PV1804 BloodstoneHarbour Seal2018/06/15 Carrot Beach, Port HardyEye injuries; maternal separation 2 released
PV1803 TopazHarbour Seal2018/06/12 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club (Jericho)Maternal separation 5 released
PV1802 Tutti FruttiHarbour Seal2018/06/10 Mayne Island (IWNCC)Maternal separation released
PV1801 EmeraldHarbour Seal2018/05/23 Anvil Island, Howe SoundMaternal separation 4 released